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We Do Ads case study

Isaac Twidale founded We Do ads in January 2021, providing digital advertising services and full-funnel optimisation to SMEs in both the UK & around the world.

Focussed on digital marketing, We Do Ads covers social media, content marketing, paid traffic, SEM/PPC, email marketing, influencer marketing, automation, outsourcing, CRM, SEO, web development and web app development.

About Isaac

Founder of We Do Ads

Isaac’s entrepreneurial nature started as early as primary school when he sold Pokémon cards to his fellow students, adding a competitive element with a buyer of the week.

After leaving university, Isaac worked as a tax intern for a while before deciding to spread his wings and set up an events company. Along with his business partner, Isaac started The Mist Event Ltd, overseeing the planning and execution of various club nights around the Loughborough area.

Behind the business

Once Isaac decided to hang up his dancing boots, he found himself with a unique opportunity to move into marketing after his dentist offered him a job.

From starting out dabbling across all areas of marketing, Isaac decided to focus solely on advertising, specialising in paid ads. And voila, We Do Ads was born.

Challenges and achievements

As with most small businesses, the pandemic significantly impacted Isaac on a personal and business level. After losing most of his clients, Isaac went through an introspective stage and started looking for other jobs.

Noticing that people weren’t jumping to hire someone who has only ever run their own business, Isaac decided to go back and give We Do Ads another shot. Fortunately, he found he had more success than ever before. Although it was tough, sticking with the business allowed Isaac to bounce back stronger and with more determination and fire than before

Long-term goals

Isaac has a set long-term goal, as he explains: “Right now, our long-term goal is to increase the number of young founders we're working with. We've had the traditional business, which is We Do Ads, where we work with well-established SMEs, primarily doing their Facebook and Google ads. And then we have We Do Growth, which is more about working with start-ups on their entire growth and marketing activities”.

Best advice

When asked about the best advice he has received on his journey to date,  Isaac recalled one particular piece of advice.

"The most poignant piece of advice I've ever had was probably something my dad said to me.

He said: When it comes to relationships, and especially client relationships, you have three stages, which are forming, storming and norming. You originally come together and form a relationship. Everything is going well, and it's like a honeymoon period. And then you storm, and everything gets shaken up. After everything settles, you find the norm of the relationship. And that is a very normal three-stage process that most client relationships go through."

How has NTU Enterprise helped shape your business?

Isaac acknowledged that: “Working out of the Dryden Enterprise Centre and being around the NTU Enterprise team has offered a whole host of growth opportunities, including:

  • Networking with like-minded businesses in the Dryden Enterprise Centre
  • Getting candid advice from various Enterprise Advisers
  • Being asked to do mentoring and sharing my knowledge with students”.