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  • Christine Moffatt CBE


    Professor Christine Moffatt CBE Inaugural Lecture

    Chronic oedema and wounds: a neglected global scandal and an international response (the LIMPRINT story)

    Public lectures

    28 January 2020

    5 pm - 7 pm

    This lecture will give a review of the international research (LIMPRINT) that has been led by Professor Moffatt though a partnership with 9 countries to define the size and impact of people living with chronic oedema, Lymphoedema and un-healing wounds across the world.


  • Motif Symposium


    Motif Tsunami Symposium

    Curated & Created by NTU - Bonington Gallery

    Conferences | Exhibitions | Networking | Workshops

    29 January 2020

    9.30 am - 5 pm

    An investigation into the dismissed semiotic shorthand of motif and its impact on aesthetic, consumer and design culture. The Motif Tsunami Symposium 2020 NTU will provide a forum for discussions on how the crystallisation of an ever-reductive visual language (motif) is charting changes across society, identity, retail and manufacture.


  • EIC front event image


    Shaping Enterprise: Business Breakfast

    Starting our conversation on the future of Enterprise with NTU

    Conferences | Networking | Workshops

    30 January 2020

    8 am - 10 am

    Nottingham Trent University invites businesses and entrepreneurs in Nottinghamshire to join our conversation on shaping enterprise and innovation


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  • Women in Leadership course attendees – January 2020


    Women In Leadership Programme

    Conferences | Workshops

    4 February 2020 - 30 July 2020

    9.30 am - 4 pm

    This fully funded 3-day course is for women in in small and medium-sized enterprises working in management or leadership roles, or aspiring to be, who want to develop their capability to manage and lead.


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  • Nottingham Apprenticeship Conference 2020


    Nottingham Apprenticeships Conference

    Conferences | Exhibitions | Networking

    6 February 2020

    8 am - 2 pm

    To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2020 Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Nottingham College and Nottingham Jobs invite employers from all sectors and industries to the Nottingham Apprenticeships Conference.


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  • Course attendee at MIT in Architecture


    High Level Skills Strategic Partner Engagement Event

    Conferences | Networking | Workshops

    14 February 2020

    10 am - 12 pm

    As the High Level Skills programme enters 2020, we invite all strategic partners to join us to learn about activities planned for 2020, find out more about initial impact, and hear about SME needs identified through codesign and wider programme activity.


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  • Johnnie Johnson


    Professor Johnnie Johnson Inaugural Lecture

    Uncertainty makes the impossible, possible: Reflections on the opportunities that uncertainty offers

    Public lectures

    17 February 2020

    5 pm - 7 pm

    In this inaugural lecture, Johnnie will draw on the results of his research to explore three questions: What important mistakes do most of us make when facing uncertainty? How can we better predict an uncertain future? What are the enormous gains we can make by handling uncertainty appropriately?


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  • photo of Prof Diane Coyle OBE


    Professor Diane Coyle CBE

    Distinguished Lecture Series - New rules for the digital economy

    Public lectures | Seminars

    19 February 2020

    6 pm - 7.30 pm

    More than a quarter of a century into the digital revolution, and with wide applications of artificial intelligence on the horizon, the dramatic changes in technology have raced ahead of social institutions and the organisation of the economy. How do the rules and policies governing economic life need to adapt to the challenges posed by technological change, for everyone to benefit?


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  • An impression of Skyscape captured by Outsider Artist Collective.


    Open Dome - Special: Exploring Skyscapes

    Exhibitions | Public lectures

    28 February 2020

    7 pm - 9 pm

    Explore what the intangible sky means to us through our Writing Skyscapes exhibition, talks and readings at Nottingham Contemporary together with Outsider Artist Collective, Dr D Harty (LU) and H McGhie (UoS).  Join us to see striking photography and touching poetry tempting you to contribute yourself to this project.


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  • Ian Clarke


    Professor Ian Clark Inaugural Lecture

    American Multinationals, Private Equity and Car Washes: How did I get here?

    Public lectures

    10 March 2020

    5 pm - 7 pm

    In this lecture, Professor Clark will describe how his academic and research career has moved through several stages and academic projects. These range from a pan-European study of American multinational firms to the diffusion of financialisation and the private equity business model as a method of business finance and business turnaround, alongside his current work, which looks at informalised work and employment.


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