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  • Volunteers in Uganda

    Could you become a NTU staff mentor and accompany students on international volunteering programmes?

  • Professional students

    Association for Project Management (APM), the chartered body for the project profession, has announced that Nottingham Trent University has become the world’s first university to achieve Recognised Assessment to Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) status.

  • Andy O'Hagan

    A forensic science lecturer from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has been shortlisted for a national teaching award.

  • The Treat Kitchen sour chocolate

    A look at how NTU are connecting our graduates with local SMEs

  • the data tool

    Celebrating the success of NTU students and their contribution to Nottingham Civic Exchange's work programmes through TILT SPUR projects.

  • Kindertransport Berlin Exhibition

    Academics in the School of Arts and Humanities have recently opened a new outdoor exhibition in Berlin around the Kindertransport.

  • Paul_Evans_2321.jpg

    Scanning technology to detect drugs in international mail is being developed by a Nottingham-based technology company to tackle the distribution of narcotics in the United States.

  • Garden design

    A new short course in garden design will start at Brackenhurst Campus in September, aimed at amateur gardeners, and those with a general interest in garden design.

  • Student William Walter

    A wrist strap which cools a person’s blood flow has been developed by Nottingham Trent University student William Walter to sooth people during heatwaves.

  • A graduate attraction plan completed by local creative businesses

    The Market Intelligence workshop series aims to share and increase awareness of industry-specific opportunities and challenges with a focus on future-proofing the talent needs of local businesses.