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  • Hand Car Washes across Bristol RPM

    Reflections from two SPUR researchers on mapping hand car washes across a large urban city as part of Good Work Nottingham.

  • Writing the Contemporary cover

    NTU's MA Museum and Heritage Development student Feixue Huangdu has attracted over one million Chinese viewers by live streaming tours of UK heritage sites. She has been featured on the BBC, Countryfile and The Independent for her work.

  • Professor Sergio Rutella

    Scientists have discovered a gene ‘signature’, the presence of which can “significantly improve” the accuracy of assessing how badly a patient may be affected by a form of leukaemia.

  • New Designers Stand 2019

    Earlier this month, Katy Thomas and Richard Blizzard, both from the BA (Hons) Product Design course, were awarded the prestigious Lego prize and the John Lewis prize at New Designers 2019 exhibition.

  • Ashley Marlborough, Franklin Fairbrass, Tyler Blackborough and Joanne Robinson: Engineers Without Borders UK competition

    A team of four second year BSc (Hons) Product Design students were awarded second place in the Grand Final of the annual Engineering for People Design Challenge for their project Safe Spot.

  • Neighbourhood Watch sign

    Residents living in areas covered by Neighbourhood Watch can expect to experience 11% fewer crimes, according to research by Nottingham Trent University (NTU).,-ntu-research-reveals

  • How cities and universities can work together to inspire sustainable urban development

    Four members of the Physics and Mathematics Department (Dr James Hind, Dr Laurence Shaw, Dr David Chappell and Dr Ian Whittaker) volunteered their time as mentors on the Global Office’s SMART cities project.

  • Lizard

    Lizards that produce live young are significantly more likely to be driven to extinction through climate change than those that lay eggs, new research suggests.,-study-shows

  • Women in a dark room looking stressed

    Relentless negative reporting on economic downturns is impacting on people’s emotions and contributing to the suicide rate, according to new research.,-says-new-research

  • Medical Technologies Innovation Facility

    Work is getting underway on a new facility, which will focus on the development of innovative products and advanced materials to meet future healthcare needs.