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  • Hands holding a game controller

    Pioneering research into behavioural addiction by Distinguished Professor Mark Griffiths at Nottingham Trent University has today been named as one of the UK’s 100 best breakthroughs for its significant impact on people’s everyday lives.

  • Will Charteris & Hannah Manley GGS 18

    Two NTU Product Design alumni were given the opportunity to showcase their final year projects at the Global Grad show in Dubai, an exhibition of innovation for design and technology.

  • Plastic at the bottom of the ocean with boat

    The development of a ‘plastics treaty’ which bans oil-based plastics is needed to clean up our oceans, according to environmental law experts.

  • Chicks

    Scientists have found a way to develop a silicon food supplement for poultry, which could provide a major boost to the health and welfare of millions of chickens produced every year.

  • Get your car washed from £3

    Nottingham Business School and Social Science Department launch a new research project to map and analyse Hand Car Washes across the Midlands.

  • Cars in traffic

    Scientists have identified a new method of controlling indoor air pollution, which is capable of removing almost all pollutants simply by freezing them.,-study-finds

  • Professor Sergio Rutella

    Scientists are hoping to develop a new generation of therapies to tackle acute myeloid leukaemia, a type of blood cancer which is particularly difficult to treat.

  • Chris Reynolds Belfast Voices of 68 Exhibition


    Northern Ireland's 1968 and Beyond

    23 October 2018

    Nottingham Trent University hosted a conference to launch the new strategy for The Workhouse Museums Network. The conference laid out plans for two national research projects, identifying desired outputs and impacts on the museum and heritage sector.

  • Honeybees

    Scientists have recorded the honeycomb vibration of the honeybee ‘wake-up call’ for the first time – when the insects drum on the comb to prompt others bees in the hive to start getting busy.!-study-captures-drumming-of-the-honeybee-wake-up-call

  • Amy Williams at Nottingham Playhouse

    Professor Bill Niven and PhD candidate Amy Williams delivered a pre-show talk for Nottingham Playhouse's revival of Kindertransport, as well as contributing historical context to the audience programme.