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  • Architecture Charrette Design Day

    Architecture students from across the East Midlands came together for a one-day, intensive design brief, to design a new proposal for a Nottingham Castle development.,-sponsored-by-ibstock-brick

  • Two women in a meeting

    A new report has suggested that there are considerable gaps in opportunities for employees to have a voice at work, effecting individual well-being and job satisfaction, as well as organisational learning, resilience and innovation.,-suggests-new-research

  • Strate Trip

    Our MA and MSc Design students recently went on a trip to Paris, to collaborate on a design project with fellow Parisian students at the Strate School of Design.

  • News icon

    The number of people in employment in Nottingham has recently fallen below the pre-recession level, latest research from Nottingham Civic Exchange has revealed.

  • LFGWC eport cover

    When we began Good Work Nottingham we said we'd explore the key employment and work trends locally. Our latest report Laying the Foundations of a Good Work City does just that. Here are five of the key things you need to know.

  • Union Jack with economy and growth jigsaw pieces

    Significant parts of Britain will experience a decline in economic growth over the next twenty years, a study says.

  • Professor Chungui Lu

    Two vertical ‘container farms’ capable of producing natural crops which are more nutritious, have far bigger yields – and are ready to harvest in at least half the time – have been created by Nottingham Trent University.

  • Cancer cells

    The ‘cancer-killing’ white blood cells from patients with prostate cancer, part of the body’s natural immune system, can be triggered to fight the disease a new study has found.,-study-shows

  • Runners at NTU

    People are being encouraged to sign up for a new ‘Sunset Run’ at Nottingham Trent University – in support of its John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

  • Art and Design images 2019

    Nottingham Trent University has been named among the top 100 art and design education providers in the world.