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  • Dog in car

    People are being warned about the dangers of leaving their dogs in parked cars after a study found that internal temperatures were hot enough all year round to pose a risk to dog health.,-even-winter,-study-shows

  • Group of people in a community centre

    Local communities play a fundamental role in improving health-related quality of life for people suffering from loneliness or social anxiety, according to a new study by Nottingham Trent University (NTU).

  • Sleeping horse

    Scientists are monitoring night-time sleep in horses as part of a study which aims to see if equine rest patterns could provide early warnings about their ill health.

  • Women in a mask at a pub

    As pubs and restaurants reopen across the UK, Nottingham Trent University PhD researcher, Guy Lincoln, discusses the impact of hospitality on our emotions and how we might feel about returning to our favourite venues.,-so-do-our-emotions

  • Comic strip of man and woman in a car

    A new cartoon-style educational tool to help tackle the harassment of women and girls has been unveiled by experts from Nottingham’s two universities as part of a unique zero-tolerance strategy being pioneered throughout Nottinghamshire.

  • Arkwright Building, University College Nottingham, 1897

    Project Update: June 2020

  • Woman hugging herself

    Researchers at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) are looking for people to give themselves a ‘virtual hug’ as they trial an online self-administered psychosensory technique to help with stresses and worries.

  • Black Lives Matter Protest

    Postgraduate Researcher Patricia Francis addresses the death of George Floyd as a powerful lesson for change

  • Bulldog

    Breeds with flat faces (brachycephalic) – such as bulldogs, French bulldogs and pugs – are particularly at risk of developing heat stroke, the largest study of its kind suggests.,-french-bulldogs-and-pugs-most-at-risk-of-heat-stroke,-study-shows

  • Honeybees

    Queen bees ‘toot’ loudly in the hive to inform the worker bees that they have a fertile and mobile queen and that they must protect her from her rivals, a new Nottingham Trent University study suggests.