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Nottingham Civic Exchange
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  • Get your car washed from £3

    NTU researchers welcomes the Government's response to the Labour Market Enforcement Strategy but call for a broader licensing scheme to tackle the long tail of informalized hand car washes across the UK.

  • ParliamentWeekTweetbyDray


    The student view of Parliament Week

    27 November 2018

    Reflections from a first year Politics and International Relations Student on Nottingham Trent University Parliament Week activities they attended. #UKPW18

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    Parliament Week: An Overview

    23 November 2018

    A review of when students, staff and members of the public came together at NTU to explore how Parliament can 'engage, explore and empower' during Parliament Week 2018.

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    Students work with former MP to understand the jobs undertaken in politics during Parliament Week 2018 to devise a strategy for NTU's future

  • Life After Brexit, event image mosaic

    During Parliament Week 2018 students and citizens of Nottingham gathered to discuss young people's democratic engagement building on Professor Matt Henn's research

  • Get your car washed from £3

    Nottingham Business School and Social Science Department launch a new research project to map and analyse Hand Car Washes across the Midlands.

  • Policeman


    The Politics of Misogyny

    13 November 2018

    Dr Kat Krulisova outlines why NTU is hosting a public debate about the criminalisation of misogyny in Nottingham with three focal advocates. Join us to explore why they support the work done and hear about how they think it should progress.

  • foodbank

    The number of people using foodbanks should be used to measure how poverty affects the lives of children and families living in the UK, according to a report.

  • Odd Socks logo


    Odd Socks and Action

    11 November 2018

    Join Associate Professor Lucy Betts as she raises awareness of the impact of cyberbullying for young people during #antibullyingweek. Wearing odd socks on Monday and share her teaching resources. #chooserespect

  • meeting between FCA and NTU colleagues

    Financial Conduct Authority visits Nottingham Civic Exchange to learn from our work with Citizens from across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire relating to precarity, economic insecurity, community identity and stigma.