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  • Falcon Chicks

    The latest peregrine falcon chicks to nest atop Nottingham Trent University's Newton building have been successfully ringed.

  • Peregrine Falcons

    NTU resident falcons have successfully hatched all three eggs over the hot Easter weekend.!

  • Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust image of people outside

    NTU has recently renewed its Wildlife Guardian membership with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

  • Two falcons on Newton

    Resident falcons spotted on the livestream feed

  • The male NTU falcon

    It has been a dramatic breeding season for NTU's resident falcons.

  • The female NTU falcon with two eggs

    NTU continue to work with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust as Wildlife Guardians.

  • The female NTU falcon with two eggs

    The latest update from the city centre nest box.

  • The male falcon, known as Archie, in the nest box

    NTU's resident falcons laid their first egg of the season in the snow on Sunday

  • Peregrine falcon

    Bird-eating raptors are adapting just as well – and in some cases better – to life in towns and cities than their natural habitats, research by Nottingham Trent University suggests.

  • Peregrine Falcon chicks

    One of NTU's resident Peregrine chicks tried an early flight that almost ended in disaster!