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Showcase 2021 Student Spotlight: Ben Keyser

Student Spotlight featuring BSc Product Design student, Ben Keyser, and his project, The Keyser Kit.

The Keyser Kit by BSc (Hons) Product Design student, Ben Keyser.

The Keyser Kit by Ben Keyser

BSc (Hons) Product Design

During the late 20th Century, the model railway and miniature businesses were booming. Nowadays, there are hundreds of suppliers of white metal, polymer, and resin kits, and many companies offer tools and accessories to help construct these kits. However, many of these tools are small, fiddly, and difficult to operate by a person suffering with dexterity issues. Some people, who perhaps enjoyed the hobby when they were younger, now suffer with problems such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or nerve damage.

Many younger people also suffer with conditions affecting their dexterity, and find existing tools difficult to use. The Keyser Kit creates a solution to help people who suffer with dexterity issues continue the hobby they love by designing tools which eliminate difficult features of existing sets.

The kit comes with five unique tools: Fine Detail Cutters; Hobby Knife; Cable Cutter and Stripper; Hobby Drill; Hobby File. Each tool has been uniquely designed to be easy to use by both those who suffer with dexterity problems and those who don’t. The parts have been fully tested with stakeholders and potential users, and optimised for easy use. The final product has a desirable look, and promotes wellbeing within the community by making a beloved hobby more inclusive.

Have a look at Ben's website and Instagram account for more of his work.

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