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Product Design Masters 2021 Student Spotlight: Alex Georgaki

Student Spotlight featuring MA Design: Products and Furniture student, Alexandra Georgaki.

About Alex:

With a background in architecture, an integral part of Alexandra’s design process is creating a narrative between the user and the final product, whether that be a house or a piece of furniture. The fundamental steps to achieve such a process are discovering the reason for the design, accumulating a sense of empathy towards the user and delivering the outcome with a position of responsibility.


Chronic illness and disability (CID) is a term often used in the medical community. However, it is slowly becoming familiar to the general public as today’s lifestyle choices have increased the percentage of chronic illness cases, resulting in a rise of pathophysiological and mental health conditions. Physiotherapists recommend an active lifestyle and stretching for those in pain or injured, whether belonging to a vulnerable group or not, especially with the sedentary way of life most lead.

Solamen is an armchair designed in order to offer comfort to the physically vulnerable. The word solamen is of Latin origin and means comfort, solace and relief. The armchair aims to be as comfortable as possible, offering a range of sitting positions, which are useful for those who wish to stretch and relieve themselves of any physical pain. It also includes a tilting/rocking feature, which is proven to improve a patient’s well-being and assists in the action of sitting and getting up. In addition, a notable detail in Solamen’s design is the lamination of timber (ash) for the framework.

See more of Alexandra’s work at the Product Design Masters 2021 Showcase.