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Product Design Masters 2021 Student Spotlight: Ku Tajima

Student Spotlight featuring MA Design: Products and Technology student, Ku Tajima, and his project, SKUUTER.

About Ku:

I am a French born Japanese citizen who is studying for a masters in Design: Product Technology at Nottingham Trent University. I have a thirst for knowledge and love coming up with ideas for new products. I am very interested in marine products, biomimicry, eco materials, conservation, and design of firearms components.


SKUUTER is a compact underwater scooter that comes with attachment to arms and legs. It will help you to dive comfortably and boost up when it comes to emergency. The twisty switch allows you to control the speed the of scooter easily. The low speed is ideal for a fan dive, whilst the high speed can be used for emergences. SKUUTER is a compact size and easy for travelling abroad. It comes with chargeable Lipo battery with simple electric components and is easy to maintain and fix.

The scooter body shape is inspired by “Remora”. Remora fish stay with other fish using suckers on forehead. While using this product you will be look like diving with Remora. The great streamline of scooter will not effect your diving.

See more of Ku’s work at the Product Design Masters 2021 Showcase.

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