Good Work Nottingham

What can we do to make Nottingham the first good work city in the UK?

Since Nottingham Civic Exchange launched in 2017, we've focused on understanding the challenges facing ordinary working people. The role of paid work is often central to those challenges. We're excited to invite you to join us in exploring how to create a place that provides good work for all. As part of our programme we will be hosting a series of public events.

Please join us to explore how to create a place that provides good work for all. What does good work mean? And what can we do to achieve it? We will be exploring these questions during our event series.

In this four part series we will:      

  • screen a short documentary where we meet Sara and understand how economic insecurity has affected her;
  • understand the current picture of employment locally;
  • look at how health and wellbeing play their part in work and;
  • take a detailed look at bad work and the ways we can challenge it.

Nottingham Civic Exchange is leading Good Work Nottingham with partners from across the country and the region.

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An Ordinary Working Family?
This documentary explores the life of one Ordinary Working Family in Nottingham as they deal with the economic insecurity they face during their day to day life and the resilience shown in the face of these challenges.

Upcoming events

An Ordinary Working Family? and Good Work Nottingham

Thursday 31 January, 5:30 - 7 pm

Join us to begin the conversation about how to make Nottingham a good work city and for the debut screening of our film ‘An Ordinary Working Family?’.

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The current picture of employment in Nottingham - what does this mean for our city?

Wednesday 27 March, 8 - 9.30 am

What does the data tell us about Nottingham’s economy and employment picture? How far do we have to go to create a good work city? Join us to decipher the numbers and explore the employment trends across the region.

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Designing work that makes us healthy and happy

Wednesday 8 May, 5:30 - 7 pm

Associate Professor Maria Karanika-Murray and the universities Work, Wellbeing and Performance Research Group will help us to understand workplace wellbeing in more depth and explore what organisations can do to create good work environments and cultures.

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Making bad work good

w/c 8 July, 10 - 5.30 pm

How does a city like Nottingham ensure everyone has meaningful and fulfilling work? Join us for a day-long conference on this important issue.

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