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CenSCE Partnership Values

Here at CenSCE, we encourage mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of diverse stakeholders through our commitment towards nurturing relationships that lead to long-term success for all partners.

Co-creation and Collaboration

The fundamentals of building relationships are agreeing decisions, providing engagement opportunities appropriate to all, and learning from the skills, knowledge, and expertise of each partner.

  • Equity - Outcomes are perceived as proportionate to inputs, even if unequal, and the partners are satisfied with the relationship.
  • Learning & listening - Partners aim to understand each other’s history, culture and what is important to them and their communities.
  • Value - The partnership, and the contributions each partner brings to it, are valued.

Integrity and Respect

Partners rightfully outline their challenges and opportunities, set their own priorities, and define success relevant to them. Trust upholds the partnership.

  • Power & conflict - Partners will combine proportionate power and resources to effect change, and conflict is embraced as a catalyst to generate new possibilities.
  • Self-awareness - Mindful of our identity, biases, and motivations, we take responsibility for the impact of our words and actions with grace and courage, accepting feedback on how we can do better.

Commitment and Enthusiasm

We approach partnerships with a commitment that underlines their importance, and an eagerness to see success.

  • Outcomes focused - Agreed collectively, outcomes aim to have common goals that are ‘ours’ not ‘mine’ or ‘yours’.
  • Accountability - We are accountable to each other for our collective goals and outcomes.