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Canine Behaviour Consultation Service

Behavioural problems are the most common cause for dogs being re-homed, as they can damage the precious bond between owner and pet. If you are experiencing behavioural problems with your beloved four-legged friend, we can help you to bring the best of that special relationship back.

About the service

Canine Behaviour Consultation Service

Nottingham Trent University has a wealth of academic expertise relating to animal behaviour. This service offers you a private package of  support, delivered by our in house academic expert. The package of support includes:

  • Initial behaviour consultation:
    During this consultation the full history of your pet will be discussed in more detail and an assessment will be made.  Depending on your preference this can be delivered either face to face or online, but please note that physical examinations and training demonstrations cannot be delivered online, so in these instances for safety reasons, guidance may be restricted to behavioural management advice only.
  • Behaviour modification plan:
    Within seven days of your behaviour consultation, you will be emailed a written behaviour modification plan. This will include activity tasks for you to follow over the next four to six weeks.
  • Interim review:
    This will be delivered via a phone or video call, approximately four to six weeks after your behaviour modification plan was issued. During this virtual appointment, a review will be carried out of your owner diary and further guidance will be provided on the next steps. This appointment will last up to one hour.
  • Final review:
    You will receive a follow-up phone or video call lasting up to 30 minutes, approximately eight to ten weeks after your initial behaviour consultation appointment. This will review your progress and conclude the service, with recommended next steps.

Our fee

£400 + VAT.

Vet referral form

Please note that we only accept new clients via a direct referral from a veterinary practice.

If you have any concerns about the behaviour of your dog, please contact your vet in the first instance, to discuss whether it would be beneficial to be referred to our service. Once a referral is agreed, your vet will then need to complete our referral form to provide us with a full medical history.

Submit a vet referral form here.

Alex Bordin

How we can help

Alex Bordin is our in-house behavioural academic expert, who has a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Science and an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. Alex is dedicated to understanding the motivation and emotion involved in behaviour problems. He offers up-to-date, effective behaviour modification plans, allowing dogs and owners to safeguard the bond of pet ownership.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about this service please contact:

Michelle Collard, Commercial Services Manager

Tel: 0115 8486644

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