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We are proud to have developed a portfolio of designs that are utilised for numerous purposes and across different industries, such as Med-Tech, Research and Manufacturing.

Rega Speakers

Speakers for design matter

This project was to investigate alternative manufacturing methods and materials for speaker cabinet construction.

A wide range of materials and construction methods were considered, including rotational moulding and glass reinforced concrete. The goal of this project was to identify a simpler manufacturing and assembly processes that would reduce manufacturing cost without compromising audio quality.

Numerous prototypes were produced in various materials, tested for audio quality and evaluated in terms of cost. Developments are ongoing and are showing promise in terms of both concrete and plastic solutions.

Patient Warming System

Patient warming system

Design Matter started working for Rober Ltd in 2014, designing both Rober’s Airflex and Nodec product ranges.

This patient warming system is targeted at the care of premature babies who require specialist neonatal support, keeping them at an appropriate temperature to reduce the risk of complications. Babies born prematurely can lose body heat rapidly and are at an increased risk of complications if their body temperature is not maintained properly. Active warming can avoid the need for more intensive intervention and improve a baby’s early development. Constructed from carbon polymer elastomers and foam, the system’s mattress precisely controls the correct delivery of heat to meet the infants needs.

Car Door Mate

Car door mate application in use

Get relief from the daily wear and tear on your lower body, aid joint health and mobility and regain your independence with the simple yet brilliant car door mate from Arthr!

Joint mobility in the knees and hips can make getting in and out of the car tricky. Car journeys can become a chore, dramatically reducing independence.

The Car Door Mate is a simple device that holds the car door open so that it can be used to hold on to reliably.

Lower leg circulation aid

Pains gone foot warmer device

The Fllow device was developed from scratch by Design Matter for a UK company, working closely with their manufacturer.

The product uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate blood flow in the lower leg and is used particularly by people with poor circulation in their feet and lower legs.

In addition to the user benefits delivered by the adjustable EMS, the product feature several design features that differentiate it from other products of this type such as a removable, capacitive touch remote control interface with a clear e-ink display to increase battery life, a blue light halo around the remote control dock and magnetic charging lead connection for improved ergonomics and to prevent a trip hazard.

Squiddy speaker

Squiddy speaker instrument

Squiddy is a Design Matter own project demonstrating a highly innovative approach to manufacturing a bookshelf ‘cabinet’ from a single component. The cabinet is manufactured as a single Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) part taking advantage of a Design Matter patented approach for removing non-fused SLS powder from inaccessible geometries. The cabinet has a double skinned wall with non-fused powder remaining in the cavity to absorb vibration. The entire surface is covered with small cone indents that scatter standing waves. At the base of the product there are 9, helical base reflex ports to enhance sound performance. Without the patented innovation, non-fused SLS powder would be almost impossible to remove from these geometries.

To achieve this, sacrificial geometries are formed in the products voids at the same time the main product is produced. Once manufactured, these geometries are extracted from the voids, bringing the non-fused powder with them.

Infant Wave

Infant wave insrument

Based in leading edge research, Inspiration Healthcare developed the ‘Infant Wave’, a highly innovative device for helping very premature neonates survive. Infant Wave is based on a unique method of assisting a neonate to ‘take in’ more oxygen, helping to prevent or minimise potential brain damage.

Infant Wave controls the frequency and amplitude of vibrations to a hand and foot; these vibrations stimulate an infant’s ability to take in oxygen.

Design Matter have worked closely with Inspiration Healthcare to develop a discrete, re-usable control unit and a method of attaching stimulators to hands and feet.

Oxford instruments

Pulsar device


The Pulsar Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Device (NMR) is a high-resolution benchtop spectrometer that offers high resolution performance without the need for liquid nitrogen for use in a wide range of laboratory applications.

Learn more about the Pulsar analyser by watching this YouTube video.

X-Met 7000

The X-Met 7000 for Oxford Instruments Finland, a hand-held X-ray (XRF) analyser, which was designed and developed to manufacture in less than 6 months.

Vibrating Biopsy Device


Needle Biopsy devices are used to take tissue samples from inside the body. Once the needle is under the skin, ultrasound imagery is used to guide the needle and to locate the area where the biopsy will be taken. A problem with this process is that the fine needle often disappears from the ultrasound display. When this occurs, the medical practitioner moves the needle from side to side/fore and aft a small amount until it reappears on the screen. This can cause discomfort and increase the risk of complications.

The Vibrating Biopsy Device, developed under a design support programme managed by Design Matter, solves this problem. When the needle disappears from the screen, the user squeezes the trigger and the innovative internal mechanism then moves the needle rapidly forwards and backwards a tiny amount causing it to vibrate and reappear on the screen. The trigger is spring loaded and once released it can instantly be squeezed again for another burst of vibration.

LeakNet Gen

LeakNet gen instrument

The product design team worked with Quensus Ltd to design the second generation of their flagship product. LeakNet is a water flow smart hub, which uses machine learning to intelligently detect unusual flow and shut the water off in the event of a major problem, preventing damaging leaks in both home and industrial settings.

The new design features a number of carbon reducing improvements, including:

  • A more material efficient casing, manufactured from recycled ABS.
  • A 33% reduction in the number of fixings required.
  • The option to swap the rear casing for an existing double socket backbox, further reducing the amount of material required.

These have been achieved in addition to enhancing the overall aesthetics, tactility, and ergonomics of the product.

Want to learn more about any of our portfolio? Contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.