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Spin-out Companies

Our strong entrepreneurial spirit means we are continuously investing in the expertise of academic staff and their pioneering technologies to create spin-out companies.

Researcher Paul Evans

Professor Paul Evans, whose research helped to form Halo X-ray Technologies

NTU spin-out success

We have long recognised the commercial worth of cutting-edge technology emerging from NTU's research, which has led to the creation of several successful spin-out companies to develop new ideas and take them to market.

Our spin-out companies have created:

  • new partnerships with organisations and businesses
  • new jobs
  • money going back into the local economy
  • money to fund further research
  • new opportunities for academic colleagues to share their skills and knowledge.

NTU spin-out companies

Intelligent OMICS Ltd

Using bioinformatics algorithms, Intelligent OMICS offers partnership with drug development companies to analyse clinical trial data to identify patients who respond to a particular therapy. This helps companies to:

  • create drugs suitable for specific patient sub-groups
  • recover drugs originally dismissed as a failure during clinical trials
  • improve the success rate for their drugs.

Visit the Intelligent OMICS website.

Halo X-ray Technologies

Halo X-ray Technologies develops new and disruptive materials identification systems for aviation security, drug detection and process control applications.

The company is working with US Homeland Security to develop next-generation material specific x-ray scanners and has received considerable commercial investment in recent years.

Visit the Halo X-ray Technologies website.

Esitu Solutions Ltd

The latest spin-out formed by the University Esitu is a leader in the development, deployment and assessment of driver safety training. Using video based and VR evidence-based training Esitu measure and train performance in scenarios that are close to their real world equivalents.

Visit the Esitu website.


Loreus is an environmental consultancy and training provider. They provide a range of courses on environmental management, sustainable development, and health and safety. They also provide software to help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Visit the Loreus website.

Si Active

Si Active produces Bio Silica, a silicon feed that has been used to run poultry trials.

Large trials are required by AB Vista, who intend to use the feed for horses or pigs as the cost for chicken feed is already low. The trials are being led by Emily Burton, and has resulted in the build of a new poultry research unit at NTU.