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Anna Scothern - Longwood Maven Ltd

Anna Scothern set up her consultancy business in 2014 and recently took part in NTU's Women in Leadership Course.

My business, Longwood Maven Ltd, was set up in 2014 and has steadily grown year on year. I offer consultancy services to trade associations, principally in the construction sector.

I attended the Women in Leadership course at NTU, which was fantastic. It was great to meet other business owners and get out of “my own head” whilst I was on the course. It was really very helpful and gave me the opportunity to step out and really think about how my business best serves its clients. I can now see Longwood Maven Ltd ticking along nicely, providing great services to clients who come back time and time again.

My advice to local business people in Mansfield and Ashfield would be to give it a go, have faith and accept offers of help and support from reputable sources, such as NTU!

Taking part in the Women and Leadership course has encouraged me to look for more learning opportunities with NTU such as an MBA. After such a positive experience, I’m definitely looking for more opportunities to connect with NTU in the future.

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