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Paulette Sturman

Paulette Sturman attended the Social Media and Content Creation for Businesses course delivered through NTU's Enterprising Ashfield project.

The practical course is designed to develop an understanding of design principles and effective visual communication skills for marketing on the PC. Aimed at the beginner with limited or no knowledge of design software, participants will progress the basics and quickly develop their ability to design professional-looking documents.

Watch the video below, or read the transcript, to hear from Paulette, and tutor Mark Williams.

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Mark Williams, tutor

My name's Mark Williams. I'm an Adobe software trainer and graphic design lecturer working at Nottingham Trent, and also got my own trading company as well.

I'm running the Digital Skills for Marketing and Communications course, where we look at a variety of different digital skills that we can use.

We look at Adobe software, we also look a lot at visual communication and general design skills, and how we can apply those to different purposes.

A lot of people here have already got their own ideas and businesses they want to apply that to, so we're looking at what they need to progress their marketing and digital skills with that.

Paulette Sturman, participant

I was in the community sector for 19 years, and I'm just in between changing positions and have decided to support my husband with his business.

I never thought a university would deliver a course like this, so as soon as I saw the opportunity I got on-board straight away.

For anyone else thinking of taking one of these courses I would say just definitely do it, don't miss the opportunity because it doesn't come along that often.

I got what I came on this course to achieve, and learned a lot of skills that I'll take forward.

Visit the Enterprising Ashfield page to find out more about the project, including the courses available at no cost to people living or working in Kirkby-in-Ashfield and Sutton-in-Ashfield.