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John Starkie - edit easy

John Starkie has recently joined NTU's HeadStart programme, as well as accessing office space at the Dryden Enterprise Centre, to help him build his start-up business edit easy.

John Starkie

I started my business, edit easy, in December 2020. I am a freelance video editor and visual content creator. I work with creative / video agencies and direct with businesses to edit video and animated content for web and social media platforms. This could be professional video footage, or content captured on an iPhone that just needs smartening up before publication.

I have worked in the video industry for over 14 years, working as a Head of Video for a Digital Agency and a Video Agency before that. With a wealth of editing skills and expertise in creating engaging content for web and social media channels, I make editing easy. With NTU’s help, I’m aiming to make my business the go-to service for quality and consistency in video, working with marketing agencies and clients alike.

I first discovered NTU’s business services through LinkedIn. Since then, I’ve joined the HeadStart programme, which is brilliant. I think businesses have a misconception that NTU’s support is only for Nottingham businesses, but that’s not the case.

Video editing screen

I’m confident in my skills in video editing and content creation, but not as much regarding the ‘business of business’. HeadStart gives me the tools to validate, and sanity check my ideas as well as peers to collaborate and network with. I also have a mentor, who is an expert who can advise and challenge my ideas to make them realistic and viable.

Accessing flexible office space at the Dryden Enterprise Centre has been fantastic, I have 5 free days as part of the head start programme. The centre has the wow factor, and after so long working from home during the covid pandemic, it's great to be back in an office environment that can be flexible to my needs.

The centre has the right ‘feeling’. I can get in and get straight into some focussed work knowing that at tea break time, there are other like-minded businesses I can chat with. In my line of work having red hot internet speeds is also a huge bonus! I’m planning to continue accessing flexible office space at the Dryden Enterprise Centre long-term.

Find out more about the HeadStart programme, or sign up to a membership at the Dryden Enterprise Centre.