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Enterprising Ashfield R&D Collaboration

Are you looking to develop new and innovative products or processes within your organisation? We can work with you to identify needs and opportunities and team you up with experts in the field to support you achieve those goals.

There are a range of areas for innovation that our team may be able to support with including those listed below. There’s also the opportunity to work with us to identify other areas of support.

  • Computer Science/Information Strategy/Security
  • Operations (e.g. Flow Management)
  • Automation
  • Design Centre
  • Medical Technologies
  • Wireless networks-based solutions
  • Intelligent Engineering Solutions
  • UX – website and App User Experience
  • Business Strategy Review/Development
  • Marketing (strategy, planning & implementation)

Our R&D programme is available to businesses within eligible postcodes in Ashfield. Visit our eligibility checker page to see if your postcode makes you eligible for the project.

If you’re not eligible for the Enterprising Ashfield project please take a look at other ways NTU can support businesses and employees.

The project is delivered by NTU, in partnership with Ashfield District Council and is part-funded by the Government’s Town Fund.