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Services for Businesses

Our Business and Enterprise Law Service offers low-cost legal assistance on a range of business issues.

  • Setting up a business

    We can provide you with advice and guidance about:

    • Organisational Structure
    • Incorporation
    • Legal risk in early years

  • Preparing contractual terms

    We can review and and prepare:

    • Terms of business for sale and / or supply of good and / or services
    • Bespoke contracts for provision or receipt of goods and / or services

  • County Court Litigation

    We provide advice and representation on the small claims in relation to:

    • Contractual disputes
    • Unpaid debts
    • Tortious disputes

  • Intellectual property

    We offer legal advice on the following:

    • Trade Marks
    • Patents
    • Copyright

    We can offer you advice on how to protect:

    • the names of your products or brands
    • your inventions
    • the design or look of your products
    • the things you write, make or produce.

  • Ending your business

    We provide legal advice in relation to:

    • Insolvency and winding up options
    • Negotiations with creditors

  • Schedule of costs

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