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Services for Individuals

We offer free initial consultations on a range of legal issues for individuals and communities.

We offer free initial consultations on a range of legal issues including:


The areas of law we can cover are:

We provide one-off advice for clients as follows:

  • Written letter of advice
  • Over the phone advice
  • Drop-in advice at the Legal Advice Centre

Employment FRU Assistance

We provide assistance to FRU volunteers with their case to assist claimant clients in the Employment Tribunal. This work would include:

  • Letters of advice;
  • Preparing the Schedule of loss;
  • Assist with any settlement discussions;
  • Review of the client documents;
  • Assist with the exchange of documents with Respondent business;
  • Helping to prepare witness statements on behalf of client;
  • Helping to prepare cross examination questions on the client’s case;
  • Provide the skeleton argument; and
  • Conduct the advocacy for the client.

The length of the case depends on the date of the Employment Tribunal Hearing. We cannot look at a case until there is a hearing date.

Welfare Benefits

Please complete our enquiry form for further information.


Please complete our enquiry form for further information.

Intellectual Property

Please complete our enquiry form for further information.

Outreach Services

We provide outreach services at Nethfields St George's Community Centre and Nottingham Women's Centre.

We provide a drop-in service to:

  • Meet for up to 30 minutes to discuss your legal query;
  • Update you on whether we can provide assistance or not; and if appropriate
  • Carry out research, prepare advice plan and provide you with advice under supervision of the relevant supervisor.

Most cases will be dealt with within a 3 week time period.

Please contact us or the relevant centre for the relevant dates and times.

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

We are able to offer free advice to the parents/guardians of children with Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), and young people with EHCPs. In some circumstances we may also be able to represent in appeals to the First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability).


We are now assisting with Victims Right to Review applications (assisting victims of crime to request a review of their case by the police or Crown Prosecution Service in the event the suspect is not charged) and also applications by victims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.  We also continue to run a Miscarriage of Justice appeal project, assisting those who have been wrongly convicted by the Crown Court and have exhausted the appeal process under the legal aid provisions.

Still need help?

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