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NTU Global Week

Global Week is a vibrant, inspiring festival showcasing our multicultural community on campus every year. Through art, dancing, sport, and food, it connects and celebrates the different cultural heritages of our students and staff and provides an opportunity for them to extend their international outlook.

Global Week celebrations will take place 27 February - 3 March 2023.

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Our annual Global Week celebration is a vibrant, inspiring festival showcasing our rich cultural community and important global issues on campus. Through arts and crafts, dancing, music, sport, and food, it connects and celebrates the different cultural heritages of our students and staff and provides an opportunity for them to extend their global outlook.

Join us across Clifton, Brackenhurst and City campuses and online for cultural fairs performances, workshops, information sessions and much more, delivered by our students, colleagues and some community partners.

Our Global Week celebration will take place from 27 February - 3 March 2023. It will consist of both on-campus and some online events across campuses. Details about these events and the schedule will be announced soon.

Cultural Exhibition

This usually runs in the format of cultural stalls from 11 am – 3 pm each day of Global Week in a central location on each campus (based on the dates allocated to these campuses).

The stalls usually include a mixture of culture-specific activities and content, they could be a combination of more than one culture, they can be run by a society, organisation, or professional services.


Want to show off your skills and moves? Put on a performance of drama, dance, music, and sport on our “global stage”. These usually take place during lunchtimes on the same days as the cultural fairs.


Global Week is an opportunity to celebrate your culture through workshops.

These are varied and can involve teaching fellow students and colleagues a new skill. Whether it is to play a musical instrument, pronounce words in a different language, create beautiful arts and crafts, meditate or learn a new sport. If you would like to share and teach any skills developing a workshop is the way to go!

Talks, lectures and debates

Are you passionate about a topic and want to share and discuss it with other students and colleagues? Why not put on an event? This can take place in person or online and it would be a great opportunity to share your opinion and discuss different perspectives on a subject that is important to you.

Internationalizing the curriculum 

If you’re an NTU academic colleague, then Global Week is the perfect opportunity to bring a global theme to your subject. You can bring in a global element to the module, use global case studies, or look at the subject in a global context

Language events

Languages are a big part of culture, and thus an important part of Global Week.

As a part of Global Week, we will run our Language Café events, but would also like to run other language-themed events throughout the week. These could include a taster of a specific language, calligraphy/typology, language bingo or other games. You could integrate these into your cultural exhibit, or run a separate event.

Be part of Global Week

Getting involved in Global Week gives you an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate and represent your culture​ or a global issue that is important to you.
  • Develop skills​, such as public speaking, teamwork, organizational skills and cross-cultural communication.
  • Meet new people from all over the world.
  • ​Enhance your CV​.
  • Gain a certificate for your CPD or Global Employability Award. And if you're an undergraduate student this is a great opportunity to enhance your HEAR report.

If you have any ideas about how you can contribute and get involved, please visit us in the Global Lounges (City: 23 Goldsmith Street; Clifton: Mary Ann Evans 019) or email You will have the support of the Global Team to plan your activity and will be reimbursed up to £100 per stall per day after the event (so keep your receipts!).