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Meet our summer school students

What better way to discover what the Global Summer School is like than through the words of our students. Hear from a few of our Global Summer School students who joined us in Nottingham in 2022.

Bryan Cha, Canada - Cybercrime and cyber security

Brian Hyunho Cha, Cybercrime and Cyber-Security

"I heard about the Global Summer School in an email from Humber - I just found it interesting. There were summer school opportunities in different places – Italy, Austria, the UK. I chose Nottingham because it was the only place offering the Cybercrime course. So, I checked it out and applied for it. I graduated this year, and the course was linked to my studies. I just wanted to learn different aspects in a different country and continent. I wanted to learn how you guys deal with cybercrime and cyber security.

The best part is meeting new people here. I believe there's over 100 people that are from all over the world. So, meeting new people, getting to know each other and all the background. The activities made it really fun and enjoyable, and making new friends was really easy for us.

There was a trip to Oxford and bowling with the buddies which was really fun. All the things we do is making new friends and hanging out with our friends and the buddies. I’m really enjoying the time in Nottingham. It feels like a dream that I'm here from Toronto and studying with all these other people. I was scared at first but it’s the best choice I’ve made. If someone is thinking of coming next year I’d say, get out of your comfort zone and go for it. I really enjoyed it."

Lakesia Brighthaupt, USA - Design and Innovation in Business

Lakesia Brighthaupt, Design and Innovation in Business

"The best thing about the course is just stepping outside of the box, doing something that I’ve never done before. Getting that hands-on, in-depth feeling of how you start something - the design and the process that it takes to come up with an end product. Learning what designers get inside of their mind and what they go through, starting with the sketching, the model making to then come up with a finished product or design to be able to sell. It was a wonderful experience just to do something that I never done before. Having this hands-on experience, being in the class and having the tutors and the one-to-one support. It just amazing.

Compared to back home, everything is healthier. It’s very healthy, everyone seems so pleasant and I felt safe. I felt very, very safe. Everyone was talking to me, all the restaurants they want to know where I'm from and engaging with me. That's what I love about Nottingham, everyone is just so friendly. This experience has been unbelievable. Just amazing, simply amazing. I'm so blessed to have had this wonderful experience and I just want to thank you for hosting me and having me and inviting me here and making me feel at home. I feel at home, I really do.

If you are thinking of coming to the Global Summer School, please, take the opportunity. You would not in a million years get another opportunity like this. You're going to meet so many different people. You're going to create so many friends. You're going to socialise, you're going to step outside of your comfort zone and NTU is going to take care of you."

Shalmika Sivakumar, India - English language and cultural studies

Shalmika Sivakumar, English Language and Culture Studies

"I am always a person who always wants to go out explore things. My teachers really know about this and they were like telling me that there is an offer for you to go.

I just want to experience the culture and the language and everything in person. So that's why I chose English language and cultural studies to see all the good it can do to me.

I can’t pick a favourite moment because this two weeks has been so magical. You work because you love what you do. You meet a lot of people, you socialise, you really gather a little global family here. So that's been my favourite part.

Nottingham is like a home from home, so it doesn’t feel like stepping out of my comfort zone. It's like me getting safer and somewhere that creates magic. That helps you improve both mentally and physically. You evolve into a good person, and you think, and you work, accordingly. It's a perfect place for that.

The Summer School is uniquely magic. You will not get a word to describe it because it's given you a lot of things that you wanted. I would say it's magical, so precious. It might be a cliche, but it helps you evolve into a good person that accepts other people without criticising. You can do anything you want here and there's nobody to judge you. You've got your own space for you to show yourself, achieve yourself."