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Ofelia Palermo - Principal Lecturer

Ofelia's passion for international strategy has enabled her to drive forward exciting opportunities for both herself and Nottingham Business School.

I am originally from the US/Italy and have worked at NTU since 2008. I applied for a job at NTU after being given the opportunity to visit the University. I felt it had a multicultural vibrancy, a characteristic that, in my view, is fundamental for the creation of value. I was attracted by it and felt that I could contribute to it too.

I began my journey at NTU as a Lecturer, I then progressed onto Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader, where I designed and launched the MSc International Business single and dual award programmes. This brought me closer to the internalisation strategy of Nottingham Business School as the IB Master’s suite offered an interesting canvas for initiatives like international consultancy projects and study tours overseas, collaborative online international learning, international teaching mobility, and establishment of international partnerships. From that, I progressed to the role of Assistant Head of International which allows me to expand my contribution to internationalisation from the postgraduate/programme level to that of the School.

What is special about NTU is that it reflects a modern outlook: it is sustainable, multicultural, diverse, and inclusive.
Ofelia Palermo - Employee Stories 2

My job is multifaceted: it allows me to carry out the academic responsibilities of teaching and research, but also to participate and contribute to the implementation of the international strategy of the School and University. My favourite aspect about my role is that it is dynamic, current, and eclectic.

Whilst working here, I have had the opportunity to take part in Alumni mentoring activities. The value that our Alumni can add to our current student experience is immense, so I am always happy to bridge between our alumni community and our student community.

At NTU there are plenty of opportunities for flexible working options, and I have always found Heads of Departments are keen to address questions and explore solutions to support their team.

NTU offers a wide range of support initiatives and activities - both for students and staff; therefore, it is all about being pro-active and seeking out the most suitable type of support available for you.

I believe that NTU is a special place to work because it reflects a modern outlook, it has a proactive role in its context of reference, and it faces emerging challenges with agility.

My favourite things about working here? It is sustainable, multicultural, diverse, and inclusive.