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Own your individuality in a city that buzzes with independent attitude. Once the world-famous centre for lace and hosiery, Nottingham’s Creative Quarter is a breeding ground for fashion pioneers and bold indie shops. Just look at design-royalty Sir Paul Smith, whose business began on a small Nottingham side street.

It’s a city brimming with bohemian charm, where vintage emporiums brush shoulders with quirky boutiques, second-hand bookshops and tattoo studios. Whoever you want to be, you’ll be it here.


Join final year student Nicole on a shopping trip around the city.

"It's vintage"

Fall in love with clothes that had a story before you. We like to throw it back to funky times here, and Nottingham’s Creative Quarter is bustling with enough vintage shops to kit-out an entire city.

COW is the loudest shop in Hockley – an urban haven of streetwear, glitter and block colours. Visit WILD Clothing for full retro vibes or spend a whole day exploring the antique treasure trove Hopkinson.

Thrift a bargain, save the planet

Charity shops ain’t what they used to be. There's one on every corner in Nottingham, and they’re full of designer-labelled treasures waiting to be discovered. You’ll be saving clothes from landfill while you donate to a worthy cause, and outfits look better when they're guilt-free.

Sue Ryder is a huge charity shop with maximum nostalgia value — from vinyl and furniture to clothing and haberdashery, or hop on a tram and spend the day exploring Beeston's many charity shops.

  • The courtyard at Cobden Chambers, featuring bright wall paintings and strings of fairy lights.
    Cobden Chambers
  • Dr Martens
    Dr Martens
  • Wild Clothing
    Wild Clothing
  • Students outside White Rose chariy shop
    White Rose
  • A glass-fronted shop in Sneinton Market with lots of plants outside.
    A shop in Sneinton market
  • The glass-fronted Art of Football shop, with patterns drawn all over the windows.
    The Art of Football shop

Iconic brands

Nottingham offers the best of both worlds – a big city shopping experience in a compact city centre. It's a fusion of creative businesses, huge shopping centres, and boutique arcades all sat side-by-side.

From Primark and H&M to Urban Outfitters and Dr Martens, you'll find high street brands for every budget. We've got iconic labels, too – Vivienne Westwood, Diesel, and Paul Smith all have homes here.

Thriving independent scene

We have all the big brand shops and supermarkets you could need, however we also have a wide selection of popular independent shops and eateries, such as Chocolate Utopia, The Watered Garden, Delilah's Fine Foods, and many more. There are also a few zero waste shops like Shop Zero for plastic-free and refillable essentials.

Looking for something unique to add to your collection? Look no further than Handmade Nottingham, Debbie Ryan, or The Craft Studio for hidden treasures located throughout Nottingham.

Bustling markets

Local businesses huddle in busy market stalls around the city. Visit Cobden Chambers or Sneinton Market for pop-up street food vendors, markets and street art, or explore Victoria Centre Market for crafts, fabrics, flowers and food stalls.

Old Market Square is the largest public space in the UK after London’s Trafalgar Square, and it plays host to seasonal marketplaces, like our summer beach and renowned Nottingham Christmas market. Here you'll find unique gifts, new foods, and plenty of rides and attractions to get you feeling festive.

All your music needs

Nottingham’s world-renowned music scene doesn’t stop at live performance – we have a variety of record and music shops for you to discover hidden gems and instruments to kick-start a new musical journey.

Spend hours finding the perfect addition to your vinyl collection at Rough Trade or Rob’s Records, or find your next instrument at Nottingham City Guitars, The Music Inn and PMT.

We've shown you some of the best places to shop in Nottingham, but don't just take our word for it – make sure to explore the beautiful city centre when you visit for an open day. One short walk around Nottingham and you'll fall in love.

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