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Resource lists

Student using laptop

Nottingham Trent University's Resource List software makes it easy for you to design clear and accurate resource lists for your modules, and make them available to your students through your NOW module learning rooms.

By adding resources to your lists, you let the library know what is required to support your module.  Our first priority is to ensure that all essential texts included in the list are acquired if available. By default, every effort will be made to obtain a suitable electronic copy of resource list items with appropriate licensing and delivery arrangements.  Where it is not possible to provide an appropriate electronic copy of a item, multiple print copies will be purchased according to a formula based on the number of students on the module.

Visit NOW Central to view our resource list guides and good practice guidelines. If you need further help with your resource list, your Learning and Teaching Team school contact can provide one-to-one guidance, and we offer bookable training events .