Troubleshooting advice

Having trouble accessing resources or printing from your own laptop? Help is at hand.


  • How do I renew my books?

    You can renew items using the self-service kiosks in any Library, online using NOW or Library OneSearch, or by contacting the Library.

    Remember you won't be able to  renew books if you have:

    • overdue books
    • fines of £10 or more

  • How can I pay my fine?

    If you have fines you can pay at the self-service kiosks.

Visiting the Library

  • When can I use the Library as a visitor / alumni?

    Non-NTU Smartcard holders can only visit during certain times. Please contact the Library for more information.

Printing / photocopying / scanning

  • How can I print from my laptop / MacBook?

    There are guides to printing within the Student Help section of NOW.

  • How can I photocopy or scan an item?

    There are guides to photocopying and scanning within the Student Help section of NOW.

  • How do I put money on my printing / photocopying account?

    NTU gives most students a printing and photocopying allowance (normally £20) at the start of each academic year. You'll probably use this up during the year, but if not, you cannot carry it over into the following year.

    You can add money to your account online or by using your Smartcard and the credit kiosks located in any Library.


  • How do I connect to the wireless network?

    NTU staff and students can connect to the wireless network using ntu-wifi. There are wireless network guides within the Student Help section of NOW.

    Visitors can use the ntu-guest service or, if you are from a participating institution, the eduroam service.

  • I'm struggling to insert page numbers into my Word document.

    There are text and video guides to Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Office for Mac within the Office Central learning room in NOW.

Library Resources

  • What are the differences between Library OneSearch and Library OneSearch Pro?

    The key differences between the two versions of Library OneSearch are documented in an online guide.

  • How do I use Library OneSearch?

    A guide to getting the best from Library OneSearch is available in both PDF and video formats in the library learning room in NOW.

  • How do I use Library OneSearch Pro?

    A guide to using all of the advanced features of Library OneSearch Pro is available in both PDF and video formats in the library learning room in NOW.

  • How can I make best use of the various eBook packages that the library makes available?

    The library provides access to a huge collection of electronic book titles. A guide to these eBook packages is available in NOW.

  • Where can I find guidance on the best way to access electronic library resources?

    The library recommends beginning your search for electronic materials in Library OneSearch, as this will ensure you use the most appropriate links to connect to online resources. If you encounter any difficulties, a Troubleshooting guide for accessing eResources is available in NOW.

    If you've not found the answer to your question, please contact us.

Still need help?

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