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Cookies policy

This cookies policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies on our websites, and what you can do to manage how cookies are used.

What are cookies?

Like the majority of websites we receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us. This includes the use of "cookies". For clarification, a cookie is a small file of letters and numbers stored (with your consent) on your browser or the hard drive of your computer, smartphone or tablet. Cookies contain information that is transferred to the hard drive of your computer, smartphone or tablet. Cookies also help us recognise your browser, either on our website or on other websites that we work with.

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit or

Why we use cookies

Cookies allow us to identify you (or, more accurately, your computer, smartphone or tablet) when you visit our website. Knowing how often people are visiting each page of our website helps us work out how and where to improve our website.
Different types of cookies do different things. Some help store information between pages to help remember your decisions, such as which course you are interested in. Others help measure how people use our website, or allow us to tailor our messages to you.

We use cookies to:

  • enable our system to recognise your browser and to provide features such as easier login and greater security and for storing information about you between visits. This is designed to provide a better website experience by enabling us to remember your preferences from one visit to the next;
  • store information that helps the website work properly, such as adding items to your basket in our shop, or remembering your course information when you book to attend an open day;
  • help recognise individuals who have been exposed to or interacted with our marketing activities so we can understand and improve our marketing efforts;
  • recognise how you arrived at our website. Only NTU staff or our partners can access this information;
  • collect aggregated, anonymous information such as the pages viewed or searched for, the length of time spent on the website and how many pages have been visited. This information is then analysed by us to ensure that we develop the website to provide a better service and richer user experience.

None of these cookies record your name, password, phone number or address details in text format or store personal information, except:

  • when we match anonymous cookie data to NTU identifiable data sources to help us improve our marketing services. For example when someone browses our website anonymously, we store the cookie data. If that person becomes known to us (e.g. by completing a form) we may merge the cookie-data with the known data; and
  • when we use cookies to enable us to record website sessions for the purposes of improving our website.

Examples of information we collect using technology which is not readily apparent include the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the internet and connection information such as browser type and version, operating system and platform and the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL). Through third-party cookies we may collect aggregated data indicating demographic and behavioural data e.g. Google Analytics Advertising Features. Further information about the use of this data can be found in our privacy statement.

Essential cookies

These cookies are essential for our website to function correctly. Without them, you may not be able to do everything that you want to on our website, such as complete the open day booking form.

Session ID

This is a first-party cookie that NTU sets on our websites to help us distinguish between users.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry

ASP.NET_SessionId These cookies use a random number generator to help our website identify if you are logged in or not, so that we can provide the appropriate content to each user. End of session
SESSID These cookies use a random number generator to help our website identify if you are logged in or not, so that we can provide the appropriate content to each user.  

These cookies help you login into NTU services using NTU ‘single sign on'. Each cookie contains a randomly generated identifier valid for the length of the sessions. They contain no personal information. End of session

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager to help us load tags and scripts on pages within pages on our websites.

Cookie name Cookie
Cookie purposeExpiry
Various, typically starting
_dc_gtm_UA- This cookie is used when Google Analytics is installed on a website
via Google Tag manager.
A few


We collect information about how our users use to help understand if our site is meeting your needs and to help us make improvements.

Our reports tell us:

  • the pages that are visited on NTU websites
  • actions taken e.g. ordering a prospectus
  • how users reached our site and where they are located
  • what gets clicked on
  • who is visiting (anonymous demographic information collected by Google)
  • which NTU adverts were clicked on to get to the site

We don’t collect or store your personal information (for example your name or address) so this information can’t be used to identify who you are.

Hotjar analytics

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purpose
Various See the Hotjar website for more information

Microsoft Clarity

Cookie nameCookie domainCookie purposeExpiry
_clck Persists the Clarity User ID and preferences, unique to that site, on the browser. This ensures that behaviour in subsequent visits to the same site will be attributed to the same user ID. 1 year
_clsk Connects multiple page views by a user into a single Clarity session recording. 1 day
CLID Identifies the first-time Clarity saw this user on any site using Clarity. 1 year
ANONCHK Indicates whether MUID is transferred to ANID, a cookie used for advertising. Clarity doesn't use ANID and so this is always set to 0. 10 minutes
MR Indicates whether to refresh MUID. 1 week
MUID Identifies unique web browsers visiting Microsoft sites. These cookies are used for advertising, site analytics, and other operational purposes. 1 year 24 days
SM Used in synchronising the MUID across Microsoft domains. End of session

Google Analytics

The main tool we use to collect performance data is Google Analytics . As well as data about our website, Google includes aggregated demographic data, and information from other Google sources, such as NTU’s advertising account in Google AdWords. The data that Google Analytics collects is anonymous.

Google Analytics Universal

This is the most up to date way that Google collects data.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
_gid These cookies help count the number of people who visit our website by recognising if you’ve visited before. 24 hours
_ga Google uses this cookie to distinguish between different anonymous users visiting websites.
This cookie helps us turn each website hit into sessions belonging to different users.
2 years

This cookie is used to throttle the rate of data collection on websites where Google Analytics is installed.
It may appear as 'dc_gtm_UA' where Google Tag Manager is in use.

1 minute
Others From time to time we may employ other Google services which set extra cookies to allow the Google product to work. This includes setting visitor-level custom variables, Google Analytics' Display Advertiser features, such as remarketing and Google Analytics content experiments. 18months - 2 years

Google Analytics Classic

This an obsolete way that Google collects data. We still use this on some of our older websites or to make comparisons between Universal and Classic.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
__utma This cookie helps us understand the difference between users and sessions by identifying returning visitors to our website. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. The lifespan of the cookie can be customised by website owners. 2 years from set/update
__utmb This cookie determines new sessions and visits. This cookie updates updated each time data is sent to Google Analytics. If a visitor uses a site within 30 minutes of the last piece of data, the visit is deemed to be within the same session. If a visitor uses a website beyond that 30 minutes, it is deemed to be a new session from a returning visitor. This is useful information in understanding how people use our website. 30 mins from set/update
__utmc This cookie is related to an older version of Google Analytics tracking called Urchin and is not often used. It helps the older version to distinguish between sessions and visits. End of browser session
__utmt This cookie helps Google to control the rate of data that it is sent by individual websites. 10 minutes
__utmz This cookie helps Google Analytics to identify the sources of a visit to a website, such as whether it was from a search engine or another website or link, and helps us identify the ‘traffic source’ if you go on to take further action, such as requesting a prospectus.

6 months
from set/update


We use SessionCam to record visits to our website for the purposes of improving our services.

These recordings may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry

The SessionCam reporting console includes the ability to re-sort recorded sessions by unique user. This aggregates multiple visits from the same, unique user over a selected date/time range. This cookie is used to enable this report. 1 year

A recording showing multiple pages visited during a user’s unique visit to a web site is “stitched” together using details provided by this cookie. The cookie name is "sc.ASP_NET_SESSIONID". -

As above. This cookie is always set but only used in the specific situation where content and functionality is distributed across multiple domain names. This cookie enables the SessionCam reporting console to maintain a view of that user’s session across multiple domain names. -

This cookie is set when SessionCam initialises and is only ever used to ensure that SessionCam can read and write cookies. Once this cookie has been set it is deleted immediately and if the cookie fails to set, SessionCam will not attempt to record. Deleted

Information collected by session recordings is available to view within the SessionCam system by a small number of marketing colleagues. Personal data entered into our website is not recorded and appears redacted in recordings.


NTU Features

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry

SuppDocUploadCookie Uses a value to identify the correct section of the website and thus serve the appropriate content. 1 year
PHPSESSID This PHP based cookies helps our accommodation service work properly. End of session
ntuaccommodation Temporary session cookie. 1 year
DeviceViewCode ntu.primo.hosted.
This cookie sets the correct view of the search page when using Library Search on a mobile phone. End of session


  LivePersonID is used in conjunction with the HumanClickKEY cookie to gather usage data related to a visitor's visit.
HumanClickCHATKEY is used for security purposes to identify each LP chat and LP voice communication session.
HumanClickSiteContainerID_ is used by LivePerson with respect to its largest customers in order to allow LivePerson to distribute usage of its services across a cluster of servers.

1 year

End of session

End of session

End of session

TESTID This cookie is a testing cookie and contains the value 'set' for NTU Self Service. End of session


The NTU Online Workspace (NOW) requires a number of cookies to function. The username cookie contains your NTU username, the Login cookie contains the value 'true'. All other cookies contain randomly generated identifiers. End of session
zendesk_cookie This cookie holds preferences and session settings for Zendesk, our solution provider for customer support management. 20 years
Progress   1 year
Userid CHRIS (NTU staff only)

On logging into the CHRIS system a cookie is set to remember the employee number.

Cookie contains employee number.

1 year


We use Marketo to personalise content for our users.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
_mkto_trk Marketo Marketo uses a cookie value set by its Munchkin JavaScript library in order to identify individual users on the NTU website. 2 years, automatically renewed each time the user visits a page


We use AddThis to power the social sharing buttons on our website.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
__atuvs This cookie is associated with the AddThis social sharing widget, which serves a similar purpose to other cookies set by the service. Persistent
__atuvc This cookie stores the number of times that a page has been shared. 2 years
loc Stores the visitors geolocation to record location of sharer. 1 year
xtc   1 year
um   6 months
bt2 Used by the social sharing platform to keep a record of parts of the site that has been visited in order to recommend other parts of the site. 1 year
mus Unspecified 1 year
uid This cookie is used by AddThis as a unique user ID that recognises the user on returning visits. 2 years
uvc Tracks how often a user interacts with AddThis. 6 months
di2 This cookie is associated with the AddThis social sharing widget and keeps track of expiry dates of other cookies used by the social sharing platform. 1 year
vc Unspecified 1 year


We use CoverItLive to power our live Q&A sessions and to populate ‘social media walls’ within our web pages.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
sessionid_   5 days
SLStatUid   End of session


We use Wistia and YouTube to host the videos that you see on our website.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
__distillery This cookie is used to collect user behavior data while viewing videos without
storing any personally identifiable information. Some of the behavior tracked
is portion of video(s) watched, buttons clicked on the video, IP
address/location, and video completion rates.
1 year
Various YouTube Read more about embedding YouTube videos.  


We conduct sureys on our website using a survey rool called PollDaddy, or our web analytics tool Hotjar (for Hotjar information see Performance cookies).

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
Variable PollDaddy Read more about PollDaddy cookies on their website.


Google Advertising Services

We use Google AdWords to advertise to our audiences and remarket to previous visitors to our website. These adverts appear in Google search results or the Google Display Network or YouTube.

See for more info.

To opt-out from Google's Remarketing program, please edit your Google Ad Settings.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purposeExpiry
Various including
See Various
PREF Google Stores user preferences and help personalise advertising in Google’s search engine 2 years
SID / HSID Google Helps verify Google users 2 years

Social Media Advertising

We use a number of social media platforms for advertising. These platforms do not publish the exact details of the cookies that they use. You can find links to read further information on each platform that we use.

Cookie name Cookie domain Cookie purpose
Various Twitter


Various Facebook


Various Snapchat


How to remove cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies from our website it is possible to reject them by changing your browser settings. The 'help' portion of a toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to protect your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. However if you turn cookies off you won't have access to some of the features that make the website more efficient and services may not function properly.

Conditions of use

This cookies policy may be updated and amended from time to time and for this reason you should re-read this cookies policy when you revisit the website. If any material changes are made to this cookies policy, we will notify you by placing a prominent notice on our website.

This cookies policy, its subject matter and its formation (including any non-contractual disputes or claims) is governed by the laws of England and Wales, where NTU was established and is designed to be accessed and is deemed to be made in England. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this cookies policy.

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Email our DPO for more information on our cookies policy and any related procedures or guidelines.

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