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Artistic Research Centre

Unit(s) of assessment: Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory

School: School of Art & Design


The Centre for Artistic Research at NTU is constituted by an interdisciplinary collegiate research environment with an ambition to continue to be at the forefront of innovation in artistic research processes. The Centre supports, both within and beyond the University, a breadth of investigations, networks, collaborators, sharing insights and interpretations in order to reflect the broad range of research activities, processes and practices.

Examples of the interdisciplinary range of inquiries include:

Encountering materials  -  Performing processes  -  Spatial practices  -  Critical histories.

These can be seen as distinct areas of research and also in many instances as inter-related and cross-disciplinary, reflecting and acknowledging the exploratory values, skills and critical understanding of practices consistent in contributing to the research field.

This includes identity and representation, cultural narratives, products or services, artefacts or actions that address social engagement or around specific themes of sustainability, heritage and socially engaged relational practices.

In this sense the research is defined through the production of knowledge consequently shared ‘in and through’ the multiple forms of publication and outputs consistent with the research field.

Through this the Centre’s research is engaged in national and internationally esteemed research that is evidenced through its impact in social engagement, contribution to cultural platforms and institutions, creative industries, SME’s and importantly, leading directly into research led teaching - curriculum design, content and delivery.

Subsequently the Centre is engaged in numerous networks nationally and internationally alongside collaborative initiatives across the faculties at NTU. This has two-fold benefits: to open up and share knowledge and also to build a supportive and critical collegiate research environment that reflects the inherent characteristics of multidisciplinary research.

This Centre makes a significant contribution to research within the School and to the development of PhD students.

The group, through the email contact below is happy to receive email enquiries from prospective students and researchers wishing to undertake research in the aforementioned areas, as well as those mentioned under individual research staff.

For all enquiries please contact the Research Group Leader, Professor Duncan Higgins.

PhD Studentships

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