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Analytical Science and Forensic Science

Unit(s) of assessment: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy

School: School of Science and Technology


This is a practical discipline focused on extending the quantitative analysis of molecular species in chemical, biomedical, and nanotechnological applications.

Our research in analytical science covers:

  • development of instrumentation and methods in the areas of ion mobility spectrometry
  • separation methods
  • fluorescence detection
  • Laue diffraction
  • hyphenated techniques including electrochemical detection
  • sensors and devices.

These instrumental and technique developments are applied to the fields of industrial, environmental, forensic, pharmaceutical and biomedical science. With particular relation to proteomics, cancer diagnosis, cancer immunology and near patient/field testing applications.

Areas of current interest include:

  • Chemical and biochemical sensing
  • Drugs of abuse and wastewater
  • Imaging spectroscopy and experimental design.

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