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Our Projects

Unit(s) of assessment: General Engineering

School: School of Science and Technology


ISAAC’s projects takes the research team to museums, galleries and heritage sites across the World. We have visited numerous national and international organisations, applying our multimodal analysis for the examination of various artworks of different type and style.

  • From European projects at London’s V&A museum, the Louvre in Paris and Fondation Beyeler near Basal, Switzerland to North American work at New York’s Brooklyn Museum and Getty Conservation Institution (GCI) based in Los Angeles.
  • In China, our research has taken us to Shaan Xi History Musuem, in Xi'an, the Dunhuang Research Academy in Gansu and the National Museum of China, Beijing.

Networks & Exhibitions

Seeing the Light - The Science of Colour in Art

UK-China workshop on Application of Imaging Science to the Interdisciplinary Study of Wall Paintings along the Silk Road

Science and Heritage Programme Research Cluster on Understanding complex structures: the conservation, display and interpretation of lace and natural objects