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Innovation, Digitization, Entrepreneurship and Operations Research Group

Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies

Research theme: Sustainable Futures

School: Nottingham Business School


The Groups aim is to promote international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary research and collaboration, bringing together academia and practice in the areas of:

  • Digital Innovation
  • Innovation, Organization and Strategy
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

PhD Studentships

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The IDEO works with an extensive network of associates, visiting scholars and collaborators both within NTU and in the wider academic and practitioner community. The following are some of our collaborators.

External University Collaborators

Professor Marijn Janssen, Full professor and head of the Information and Communication Technology section of the Technology, Policy and Management Faculty of Delft University of Technology

Professor Marina Moreira, Assistant Professor, Department of Administration, University of Brasília

Dr Usha Mohan, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India (contact Usha Ramanathan)

Dr Lilian A Borges, Researcher, Unidavi, Brazil (contact Usha Ramanathan)

Internal to NTU

Professor Tom Fisher, Centre for Interactive Wearable Designs

Related staff

Core members of the group

The core members of the IDEO Group are listed below. Their individual profiles together with their research interests and recent publications can be viewed by clicking on the individual links.

George Kuk

Marina Dabic

David Smith

Piers Thompson

Usha Ramanathan

Kostas Galanakis

Lynn Oxborrow

Amon Simba

Angelo Bisignano

Ofelia Palermo

Roy Stratton

Macro Furlotti

Rupert Matthews

Juliana Siwale

Weixi Han

Maria Margarida De Avillez



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Huggins, R. and Thompson, P. (2017) ‘The behavioural foundations of urban and regional development: culture, psychology and agency’, Journal of Economic Geography.

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