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Ageing Research Network

Research theme: Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement Research Centre (SHAPE)

School: School of Science and Technology

Ageing Research Network

The Ageing Research Network at Nottingham Trent University is an interdisciplinary research group which brings together a wide range of academics across the University and externally with the aim of developing and implementing research on ageing, physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

Our Aim:

*To improve the quality of life of older adults by creating an active ageing society
*Utilise a multidisciplinary approach to address prevalent societal issues across the ageing population
*Seek appropriate funding to support such research and provide opportunities for researchers across the University

The Focus

The Network aims to integrate NTU's existing knowledge base with external colleagues to explore pertinent research questions in the field of ageing. The Network adopts a multidisciplinary approach, emphasising the development and implementation of research on sedentary behaviour and active ageing. Our objective is to investigate how sedentary behaviour and physical activity impact ageing and promote healthy ageing. By leveraging expertise from various disciplines, the Network hopes to offer insights and solutions to enhance the quality of life for older individuals.