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Can Museums Rise to the Challenge: Preparing Museums for the Age of Participation

Unit(s) of assessment: History

Research theme: Global Heritage

School: School of Arts and Humanities


Preparing Museums for the Age of Participation

Many museums started as enlightenment institutions focused on their collections. but in today’s global society, audiences expect a lot more. museums need to engage their visitors and respond to changes in society quickly to guarantee a sustainable future. museums are no longer arbitrary gatekeepers. Visitors expect a more exciting experience. changing demographics, new media, and increasing globalisation have created new challenges for the sector.

Addressing the Challenge

Our expertise is equipping museums with new tools to meet the future

The research is led by Professor Graham Black. He’s been working in the field since the 1990s and has seen a huge number of changes sweep across the museum industry. Professor Graham Black is regularly asked to share his expertise at museums across the world and help them tackle the unique challenges they face.


Professor Graham Black teaches on the MA Museum and Heritage Management, responsible for the year-long module on Presentation Management, covering visitor studies, marketing and audience development, visitor services, learning and interpretation.

Graham Black is currently exploring the issue of how best to evaluate history museums in the 21st century. This combines his commitments to visitor participation and inclusivity with his belief in the need for academic rigour.

Areas of research interest include the following:

  • Practical application of interpretive principles to develop environments at museum and heritage sites that support participation and learning
  • A new research area looking at the making and presentation of history in museums

Making a Difference

Sharing knowledge across the sector:

Professor Black monitors new ideas in the sector and holds workshops at international conferences. He works with local community groups to explore their role in museums like Coalville in Leicestershire or Vila Luka in Croatia.

His publications include:

  • The Engaging Museum (2005)
  • Transforming Museums in the 21st Century (2012)

"Many museums require root and branch transformation If they are to survive. There Is no single way forward – I see my work as a provocation, to stimulate thinking and action within the profession". - Professor Graham Black


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  • Community Heritage Strategy for Coalville, Leics. Ongoing
  • Consultancy for Chesterfield Museum development of Vision Statement for the future of the museum. October - December 2015
  • Consultancy to develop Interpretation Plan as part of wider submission to HLF for re-development of British Horological Institute. Successful – received grant of £5m. 2014


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