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Developing Creative Modes of Recording and Visualising Medieval Culture in the Middle East



The digitisation of heritage has become central for the preservation of national identity and cultural heritage whilst engaging with and impacting on marginalised communities. Virtual environments for cultural heritage offer the possibility of interacting with reconstructed historic sites as visitors, tourists, and researchers, raising awareness and encouraging different societal groups to engage with their heritage.

Addressing the Challenge

Professor Abdelmonem led a series of research events with the participation of pioneering scholars and professionals. These fed into colloquiums and workshops that trained over 40 young professionals, and entrepreneurs on advanced techniques and applications of Virtual Heritage. A series of research and technical reports were authored and produced to support the intellectual foundation of Virtual Heritage in the Middle East.


Professor Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem is Chair in Architecture at the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University. He is contributing to teaching Architecture courses and supervision of PGR students.

At The Nottingham Trent University, Gamal is leading the development of the University’s Innovative ‘Global Centre on Heritage Sciences and Management Research’, a research team that aims to engage with and produce strategic research projects with evident global impact on improving Heritage Conservation and preservation strategies on the international and cross boundary levels.

Making a Difference

As a result, the team produced the first database of global case studies of Virtual Heritage platforms that offer a variety of methods, techniques, contexts, and outputs that are suitable for different purposes and audiences. It has also undertaken collaborative field projects in medieval Cairo with a wide range of local start-ups, producing creative Virtual Heritage models.

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