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Global Food Security Information Architecture

Research theme: Sustainable Futures

School: Nottingham Business School; School of Science and Technology


Our research vision is to design the information architecture, systems, devices and materials needed to make our global food system safe and secure.

To achieve our vision, we are working with business and industry to:

  • Facilitate live ‘end-to-end’ visibility of the food chain
  • Enable efficient management of food recalls
  • Ensure security of the food supply
  • Support better decision-making and risk management, and
  • Identify dishonest transactions to help prevent food fraud.

Our research is focused on designing an information architecture that adds value through tracking, testing and identification of multi-ingredient food products (and associated packaging) that have been through multiple processes, and have been manufactured, packaged and transported etc. across a complex food ecosystem.

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This work contributes to the research priorities of the Global Food Security Programme supported by UK Research Councils and the Food Standards Agency (2018) research theme “Regulating our Future”, which aims to build effective, sustainable ways to ensure food is what it purports to be, and is safe, while strengthening the UK’s position as a leader in setting the standards for global food trade.


Dr Donna Champion, Associate Professor in Technology Innovation and Society

Professor Bob Stevens, Professor of Smart Materials and Devices