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Planning and Development

Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies

School: Nottingham Business School


The group are currently developing a new exploratory research project in collaboration with the Economic Strategy Research Bureau (ESRB) centred around an investigation of the Planning and Development System in the UK and the regeneration of our towns and cities. Focused around the Regional Studies Association memberships in both groups this would utilise the economic analysis skills and experience of the ESRB and the professional planning skills and experience of the public management and governance group.

The programme consists of two workstreams:

  • Analysis of recent changes to the planning and development system and their impact on the economic, efficiency and effectiveness of the planning system in the UK.
  • The development and regeneration of the spatial environment at national, regional and local levels.


  • Joyce Liddle (Chair Joint Universities Council Public Administration Committee)
  • Royal Town Planning Institute
  • Planning Officers Society
  • Town and Country Planning Association
  • Regional Studies Association

Working with us

The project maintains close working relationships and associate members from both academia and practitioners with the planning system both in the UK and abroad.

The project has a number of distinguished associate academics and practitioners who are active and supportive. The project team are keen to include colleagues (distinguished and new) who are interested in scholarly activity, policy and practitioner dialogue either, to enhance their teaching and learning or to promote and strengthen relations with practice as well as to participate in theoretical and applied research.


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