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Impact case study

EU Security Policy

School: School of Social Sciences


The ‘EU Security Policy, Counter-Terrorism and Migration Control’ impact case study is linked to the International Security and Sustainability (ISS) research group. Dr Christopher Baker-Beall’s research is located within the broad research theme of European Union security policy. He is working on;

  • EU counter-terrorism policy
  • the EU’s counter-radicalisation policies and their implementation in member states
  • the EU’s response to the phenomena of ‘returning foreign fighters’.

This research is important for a number of reasons. First, recent events such as the terrorist attacks in Paris (November 2015), Istanbul (June 2016) and Nice (July 2016) have led to renewed efforts in the field of counter-terrorism, with a focus on cooperation between the EU and its member states. Second, the issue of returning foreign fighters has led to a renewed focus on migration and border control in the EU. Third, the impact of the ‘migration crisis’ has heightened the perceived need for a coordinated security response. Dr Baker-Beall aims to contribute to the development of policy in these highly significant and topical areas through the creation of networks with policy-makers and practitioners at the national and European level.

Research background

Members of the ISS research group are conducting research into and exploring the impact of EU internal and external security policies, with a specific focus on their formulation at EU level and their implementation in member states. Dr Christopher Baker-Beall’s work focuses on EU counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation policy. This work has already seen success not only in terms of conference papers, peer-reviewed journal articles and a single author monograph on the topic but has provided the foundation for an ISS-based fully funded PhD research project. The ISS research group will continue to develop these ideas and extend collaboration both within NTU and beyond.

This impact case study focuses on the EU and its Member States response to the threat from terrorism, including the recent phenomena of ‘returning foreign fighters’, and the current migration crisis. The project leader aims to develop close relationships with policy-makers and practitioners working in the field of EU security policy, including security professionals, independent think-tanks and the media.


We intend the research that is being conducted to provide the basis for impact in the policy areas of migration and border control, counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation. In order to achieve this, we aim to hold a series of conferences and workshops on these topics, as well as invite policy-makers and practitioners to engage with us directly. We will ensure that our academic outputs are systematically available to non-academic audiences. We are developing an IPVC research cluster blog, podcast, and other engagement with the media in the form of bespoke articles, press releases and interviews.

To achieve these objectives, Dr Baker-Beall is working towards an application to the BA Small Research Grants Fund that includes provision for interviews with key EU policymakers in the field of counter-terrorism and migration/border control.


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