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How we Help

Cancer is personal, which is why we conduct our research on a global scale to create personalised treatments that ensure benefits and improvements for patients with cancer and the broader society.

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. We work closely with clinicians, patient groups, and cancer-research experts from across the globe to improve cancer treatment and the health and wellbeing of cancer patients by applying our research findings into new potential treatments.

Our work

Lab assistant in the John van Geest Cancer Research lab

We are keen to understand the basis of the diversity in cancers and tumour-host interactions, so we can target them better to improve outcomes for many patients through personalised oncology, while avoiding toxicities in individuals who are unlikely to respond to conventional, non-individualised anti-cancer treatments.

To address challenges and unmet clinical needs in the cancer field, we are implementing and testing transformative therapeutic approaches, including antibody-based treatments and anti-tumour vaccinations, that are tailored to specific patient subgroups.

We have already made significant steps in developing treatments for ovarian cancer, brain tumours, melanomas, and childhood leukaemia, as well as treatments that could potentially impact the care for up to 60% of cancers.

Our key aim is to improve the survival rates and quality of life for all cancer sufferers, irrespective of their current circumstances.


Frankie's story: Cancer widow Frankie Price talks about her experiences

Greater Nottingham Cancer Forum member and cancer widow Frankie Price talks about her experiences of cancer.

Global collaboration

We have international research partnerships and collaborations with other established cancer research institutions to help us with our mission to crack the cancer code.

Some of our key academic partners are:

  • Professor Martin Bornhäuser at TU Dresden, Germany
  • Professor Leo Luznik at Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Dr Ivana Gojo at Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Dr Sara Ghorashian at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  • Dr Tanya Monaghan at University of Nottingham
  • Dr Sarah K. Tasian at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
  • Professor Mohammad Ilyas at University of Nottingham
  • Professor Philip Tsichlis at Ohio State University, USA
  • Professor Steve Chan at City Hospital Nottingham
  • Professor Masood Khan at the University of Leicester
  • Professor Mark D. Minden at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto, Canada.

How you can help

We can't do this vital research without your help. Our life-saving work is entirely funded by donations and fundraisers from our generous alumni and supporters.