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Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) provides accountability for public investment in research, demonstrates its benefits, and provides important reputational yardsticks and benchmarking information about the research performance of UK universities.

At Nottingham Trent University (NTU) 55% of our research was judged to be world-leading or internationally excellent, according to the results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014. The REF 2014 exercise assessed the quality and impact of research in UK higher education institutions.

In total, we submitted research under 16 units of assessment, and among our submitted research was a number of impact case studies that highlight the real-world impact our research is having, in areas ranging from cancer treatment to food security.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Edward Peck, said: "This evaluation exercise demonstrates that NTU is a university that truly values ideas through the quality of its research and enriches society in the ways in which it ensures that it impacts upon the lives of us all.

"It is evidence that world-leading research can flourish in universities that are also teaching intensive; indeed, it is crucial that our students experience teaching that is infused with ideas derived from academics producing research at the leading edge of their disciplines."

REF 2014 results and impact case studies

Our research stands apart through its deep connections with and profound responses to the real challenges faced by the communities in our city, country and region, and beyond to a global impact that changes both lives and the world we all share.

Learn more about our 2014 results submitted to the different units of assessment. You can also discover our 2014 impact case studies to find out more about the effect our research is having people’s lives around the world.

REF 2021 results and impact case studies

NTU's research was highly rated in the REF 2021, with 86% of our research impact deemed to be either of 'world-leading' or 'excellent' quality. NTU submitted a total of 39 impact case studies to 14 discipline-based Units of Assessment in the REF 2021. The Units of Assessment are subject-based categories of the framework, where each Unit of Assessment is made up of experts who assess submissions consisting of: research outputs, impact case studies and environmental statements. Our impact case studies demonstrate how research undertaken at NTU has affected changes or benefits to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment, and quality of life, beyond academia.

Discover our 2021 REF results and our impact case studies to find out how our researchers are impacting people, industries and public policy around the world.