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Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science research

Hydroponic growing system in greenhouse


Research Contact: Dr Emily Burton

Research staff conduct internationally and nationally renowned research, specialising in sustainable agriculture and food security with a focus on teaching modern production methods and management of plant crops, agronomy and post-harvest issues. The research is exciting and diverse, with work conducted in areas of major importance to society, providing significant contributions to scientific knowledge, innovative technologies, and advanced research training.

Research Group

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Group

We specialise in delivering the knowledge and skills needed to implement safe practices in the production of food, as well as understanding microbial food spoilage and toxin production. The research areas include:

  • Sustainability of agriculture
  • Innovations and attitudes and behaviour relating to agriculture and food
  • Vertical framing and urban agriculture
  • Horticulture and garden design
  • Interactions between feed materials and gastrointestinal physiology in production species
  • Animal physiology, and animal nutrition to improve gut health and production
  • Livestock behaviour welfare and housing
Vertical Farming

Case Studies

The following impact case studies are linked to this:

  • Feeding the Future

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