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  • Photography studio with people talking

    PhD Opportunity

    Film: an Ecology of Light

    This project weaves together film, ecology, and light, by addressing light as the filmic substance in the context of ecological discourse.

  • Taking a picture in front of Robin Hood

    The proposed project will involve an investigation into the relationship between photographic practices and the body in the digital age. Find out more about this PhD project at NTU.

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    The proposed PhD project is an in-depth investigation into the complex relationship between photography, landscape and trauma. Find out more about this PhD project at NTU.,-landscape-and-trauma

  • Student using laptop in library

    PhD Opportunity

    The Factory of the Future

    Discover our PhD opportunity about The Factory of the Future, looking at appropriate technologies to enable new products to provide a competitive advantage.

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    Esport captures many of the distinguishing attributes of traditional sport with competition, socialisation, fans, spectators, and rivalries, however, is unique due to its reliance on computer mediated interfaces.

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    Find out about our PhD opportunity in the School of Art & Design, on intersections between illustration and performance.

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    The proposed project will involve an investigation into filmic forms that push against, cross and/or transgress boundaries between fiction, ethnographic, essayistic or documentary cinema. Find out more about this PhD project at NTU.

  • 2 people using pc

    The International PhD in Applied Psychology is a partnership involving Nottingham Trent University, Ramon Llull (Barcelona) and Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (Porto) that provides a unique international PhD experience where supervision and training is across three different University institutions. You can study in one of four areas: Human relationships across the lifespan; Mental health and psychopathology; Social (in)justice, conflict and psychological wellbeing; and Adaptive and maladaptive behaviours related to digital technologies.

  • BRITE Highlight Box Partnership

    Discover our PhD opportunity about cancer immunotherapy in science and technology.

  • Doctoral student in a lab

    Find out more about this PhD project at NTU.