Philosophy at NTU undertakes research across all of the major areas and periods of philosophical inquiry - from ancient Greek theories of ethics to the French renaissance in Philosophy in the late 20th Century.


Research Contact: Neil Turnbull

Our work focuses on the philosophy of everyday life, film, literature and general themes in applied philosophy in ways that engage with emergent issues and themes outside and beyond the academy.

Specialist areas of focus include:

  • The metaphysics of identity and of time
  • Populism and post-liberalism
  • The philosophy of technology
  • Philosophy of film and TV
  • Existentialism and phenomenology
  • The philosophy of education
  • The philosophy of literature
  • Moral status (in particular the moral status of those with severe cognitive disability)
  • Aesthetics and the concept of an antique


We work collaboratively with a number regional, national and international groups and organizations, including:

  • African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
  • The University of Messina
  • Manchester Cooperative College

Philosophy staff are committed to engaging with these and other partners, and to ensuring that our research benefits much wider concerns and agendas than those typically addressed by traditional forms of philosophical research.  Our research is culturally and socially transformative at the local, regional, and international levels.

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