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Antonio Uzal

Antonio Uzal Fernandez

Senior Lecturer

School of Animal Rural & Environmental Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Senior/Principal lecturer in Wildlife Conservation.

Dr Uzal is the course leader for MSc / MRes Biodiversity Conservation. He teaches on the BSc and MSc/MRes courses and is currently supervising six PhD candidates, two as Director of Studies. Dr Uzal is the Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator and also co-chair the ARES Research Ethics Committee.

Career overview

Dr Uzal obtained his undergraduate and masters degrees in Spain. Following this he worked as a freelance consultant in wolf conservation in Spain. In the UK Dr Uzal has worked for Reading University and The Game and Wildlife Conservancy Trust studying the impacts of farming on invertebrates biodiversity.

Dr Uzal's doctorate was obtained from Bournemouth University, with his research focused on the ecology and impacts of Sika deer (Cervus nippon) on lowland heath plant and animal communities.

After gaining his doctorate Dr Uzal collaborated as Postdoctoral Researcher with the University of Saskatchewan examining the population dynamics and resource use of feral horses on the Sable Island (Nova Scotia, Canada). He has also worked as freelance Adviser for The Deer Initiative. He joined NTU in 2013.

Dr Uzal is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and a Full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM)

Research areas

During the last 20 years, Dr Uzal has worked on a number of different projects, including:

  • Monitoring grey wolf (Canis Lupus) and brown bear (Ursus arctos) populations in Spain and Scandinavia
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Effects of farming on biodiversity of invertebrates
  • Use of telemetry techniques (radio and GPS tracking) to study habitat use and ecology of Sika deer (Cervus nippon)
  • Effects of grazing and browsing by a large herbivore on plant and animal communities of lowland heath
  • Analysis of deer-vehicle collisions in relation to traffic and landscape characteristics
  • Population dynamics and resource selection of feral horses on Sable Island (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Dr Uzal's current research areas of interest include Impacts of human disturbance on wildlife, conservation and management of game species, carnivores and endangered species, spatial ecology landscape ecology, remote sensing, relationship plant-herbivores, animal behaviour, population dynamics, telemetry, remote sensing, ecosystem services.

Current collaborative projects:

  • Grey wolf (Canis lupus) and brown bear (Ursus arctos) ecology. Collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences,  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Ecotoxicology of scavengers. Collaboration with the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.
  • Hedgehog ecology and conservation. Different collaborations with Reading University, Hartpury College and the University of Brighton.
  • One Mara Research Hub. Member of the Advisory Council.

Current PhD candidates:

  • Shashank Balakrishna (Started 2018): Barn owl breeding success.
  • Helle Hydeskov (Started 2019): Lead poisoning of Scandinavian brown bears (Ursus arctos) and other terrestrial scavengers. <Director of Studies>
  • Beth Smith (Started 2020): -The use of Livestock Guarding Dogs to mitigate human-carnivore conflict. <Director of Studies>
  • Rachael Leeman (Started 2021):  Monitoring wildlife populations using tourist photographs.
  • Katie Davies (Started 2021): The consequences of captivity on the behaviour of hedgehogs
  • William Howard (Started 2021): Modelling the reintroduction of European beavers in the UK.

Past PhD candidates:

  • Anthony Seveque (Completion 2021): From global to local: impacts of human disturbance on niche partitioning among carnivores. <Director of Studies>
  • Jessica Schaus-Calderon (Completion 2021):  Responses of the European hedgehog to urbanisation: impact on population dynamics, animal movement and habitat selection.
  • Katie Lee (Completion 2021): Untangling the roles of prey availability, habitat quality and predation as predictors of hedgehog abundance.
  • Robert Davis (Completion 2021): The status and behavioural ecology of large carnivores in a human-impacted miombo woodland.

Further opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil/PhD or MSc by research exist in the broad areas of ecology and human-wildlife conflict. Further information regarding MPhil/PhD study may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

External activity

Sponsors and collaborators

Current research is being conducted with the funding of People's Trust for Endangered Species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society.


Publications since 2020:

UZAL FERNANDEZ, A., MARTINEZ-ARTERO, J., ORDIZ, A., ZARZO-ARIAS, A. and PENTERIANI, V., 2022. Habitat characteristics around dens in female brown bears with cubs are density dependent. Mammal Research. ISSN 2199-2401

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SMITH, B.R., YARNELL, R.W., UZAL, A. and WHITEHOUSE-TEDD, K., 2020. The ecological effects of livestock guarding dogs (LGDs) on target and non-target wildlife. Journal of Vertebrate Biology. ISSN 2694-7684 (Forthcoming)

ORDIZ, A., MILLERET, C., UZAL, A., ZIMMERMANN, B., WABAKKEN, P., WIKENROS, C., SAND, H., SWENSON, J.E. and KINDBERG, J., 2020. Individual variation in predatory behavior, scavenging and seasonal prey availability as potential drivers of coexistence between wolves and bears. Diversity and Distributions , 12 (9), p. 356. ISSN 1366-9516

BEARMAN-BROWN, L.E., BAKER, P.J., SCOTT, D., UZAL, A., EVANS, L. and YARNELL, R.W., 2020. Over-winter survival and nest site selection of the West-European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in arable dominated landscapes. Animals, 10 (9): 1449. ISSN 2076-2615

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SCHAUS, J., UZAL, A., GENTLE, L., BAKER, P.J., BEARMAN-BROWN, L., BULLION, S., GAZZARD, A., LOCKWOOD, H., NORTH, A., READER, T., SCOTT, D.M., SUTHERLAND, C.S. and YARNELL, R., 2020. Application of the random encounter model in citizen science projects to monitor animal densities. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation . ISSN 2056-3485

ORDIZ, A., UZAL, A., MILLERET, C., SANZ-PÉREZ, A., ZIMMERMANN, B., WIKENROS, C., WABAKKEN, P., KINDBERG, J., SWENSON, J.E. and SAND, H., 2020. Wolf habitat selection when sympatric or allopatric with brown bears in Scandinavia. Scientific Reports , 10 (1): 9941.

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Press expertise

  • Conservation
  • Wildlife
  • Hedgehogs
  • Large predators
  • Wildlife populations
  • Use of GIS / GPS / VHF technologies to monitor wildlife

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