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Esther Kettel

Senior Lecturer

School of Animal Rural & Environmental Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Esther is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Conservation in the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, teaching a range of subjects to BSc and FdSc Wildlife Conservation, BSc Ecology and Conservation, BSc Environmental Science and BSc Zoology. She is module leader for Principles of Ecology (L4), Ecological Census Techniques (L4), Wildlife Conflicts and Resolutions (L6) and Introduction to Ecological Consultancy (L6). Esther supervises a range of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects in ecology and wildlife conservation.

Esther is an active researcher, with interests in avian and mammalian ecology and conservation. She is particularly interested in assessing the impact of changing landscapes on population trends and human-wildlife conflicts.

Career overview

Esther gained a first-class honours degree in Wildlife Conservation from Nottingham Trent University, an MRes in Conservation Biology from the University of Nottingham and a PhD in Ecology from Nottingham Trent University.

Before joining NTU as a Lecturer in 2019, Esther worked as a Research Ecologist with the British Trust for Ornithology where she worked on a range of projects related to bird populations. Esther has also worked with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and People's Trust for Endangered Species, conducting riparian mammal research across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Esther has also worked as a Freelance Ecological Consultant, carrying out bird, bat, amphibian and reptile surveys.

Research areas

Esther has broad research interests related to the ecology and conservation of birds and mammals (mainly) in the UK. She has led and/or been involved in the following research areas:

- Impacts of urbanisation and development on wildlife

- Human-wildlife conflict (particularly raptors)

- Effectiveness of conservation measures in relation to climate change

- Breeding performance of birds (including house martin, house sparrow, peregrine falcon)

- Monitoring techniques for small mammals


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