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Evangelos Achilleos

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Evangelos is a PhD Candidate of Nottingham Trent University researching the conservation strategies currently employed for the Hyacinth macaw both in situ and ex situ; with an aim to form a preliminary One Plan Approach conservation plan for the ‘Vulnerable’ species. He is the Wildlife Centre Manager of the RSPCA, at East Winch Wildlife Centre.

Career overview

Evangelos has over 16 years’ experience in both wild and captive avian management and reproduction in the UK, South Africa, Peru, Cyprus, Brazil and Bolivia. He has worked in a wildlife and rehabilitation centre in the UK for 5 years, reintroducing and rehabilitating mammals and birds. He was an avian breeder, of various species of psittacids, passerines, poultry and waterfowl in Cyprus and in the UK.

He has conducted research in sex determination strategies in poultry (Gallus gallus domesticus), captive reproductive management of seahorses (Hippocampus erectus), and is currently examining conservation strategies impacting the Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus).

Evangelos has a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Management (Companion and Zoo species) and a MSc in Animal Welfare and Conservation from Writtle University in Essex.

He was the Higher Education Programme Manager in Animal Management and Zoology, at Capel Manor College and the Royal Agricultural University. He was also the Team Leader in Higher Education (Zoology Discipline) at Capel Manor College.

Currently, Evangelos is working as the Wildlife Centre Manager of the RSPCA, at East Winch Wildlife Centre, overseeing the management of staff, operational requirements of the centre, wildlife management and rehabilitation.

Research areas

Evangelos is currently researching the ‘One Plan Approach’ conservation strategy and its implementation. He is focusing on the Hyacinth macaw to determine the conservation efforts that are implemented both in country and in captivity for the species. He is collaborating with NGO’s in Bolivia and Brazil and Zoological collections internationally. His main area of research is in reproduction, genetics and conservation.

External activity

Member - Conservation Planning Specialist Group (IUCN)

Member - Species Survival Commission (IUCN)

Collaborating with: CLB Foundation

Collaborating with: Blue Macaw Project (Instituto Arara Azul) Brazil

Collaborating with: Royal Zoological Society of Scotland-Wildgenes (RZSS)

Press expertise

Avian reproduction

Avian husbandry

Wildlife rehabilitation

Wildlife conservation

Avian conservation