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Mike Rosenbaum

mike rosenbaum


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Professor Mike Rosenbaum is an emeritus professor of Engineering Geology and a Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Trent University, offering geological advice to students and staff.

Career overview

Professor Rosenbaum retired from Nottingham Trent University in 2004 as Director of Research for the Faculty of Construction and the Environment. He still retains a position as a Visiting Fellow, providing geological advice to both staff and students throughout the University.

He now resides in Shropshire as a Scientific Associate at the Natural History Museum in London where he is studying the material in their collections originating from Shropshire, in particular, acquired from the Ludlow Natural History Society and its successor, the Ludlow Museum, and the associated literature in the Museum archives.

Professor Rosenbaum's professional career began in industry with a ground engineering contractor and then moved into university as an engineering geology lecturer. Unusually he was both a Chartered Engineer (with the Institution of Civil Engineers) and a Chartered Geologist (with the Geological Society).

Research areas

At NTU Professor Rosenbaum established the Geohazards Group to draw together research-active staff with interests in the ground, primarily in the fields of physical geography, engineering geology and geotechnics, for which his background in applied geology was well suited.

His personal research contributions concerned the study of artificial (manmade) ground and the applications of geostatistics and GIS to ground investigation and to environmental site assessment.

Professor Rosenbaum has supervised 17 research students over the years.

Professor Rosenbaum's research can be read here.

External activity

In retirement, Professor Rosenbaum supports the public understanding of geological science through local lectures and the U3A. He is also using site surveys and GIS to collate the Local Geodiversity Site database (formerly RIGS) for Shropshire Council and its use in Planning Applications.

Professor Rosenbaum is also currently helping the Friends of Ludlow Museum support the Shropshire Museums Service Resource Centre, and is an adviser and member of the management committee overseeing the Fossils in Shropshire (FISH) project which is digitising the geology collection.

Sponsors and collaborators

Natural History Museum, London.