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Professor  Anton Ianakiev is a Professor in Sustainable Energy Systems and teaches Introduction to Structures and Engineering Maths modules to undergraduate Civil Engineering students. Professor Ianakiev is jointly leading and developing two new courses; MSc Structural Engineering with Materials and MSc Structural Engineering with Management, where he has developed and is teaching two modules : DESN40114 Adavanced Construction Materials and DESN40119 Finite Element Method.


  • 2008 to 2009, Socrates programme: Higher Education (ERASMUS) Teaching staff mobility according to Bilateral Agreement with University of Science and Technology, Hannover.
  • 2002 to 2009, Socrates programme: Higher Education (ERASMUS) Teaching staff mobility according to Bilateral Agreement with Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria).
  • 2000 to 2004, Research Enhancement Fund (REF ENG8/2), Modelling of the Rotational Moulding Process, NTU - principal grant holder.

Research areas

Professor Ianakiev's main research area is the application of Finite Element Modelling in analysis of structures and heat transfer and also the use of sustainable materials in structures and products. This research is in line with the main research activities at NTU (School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment) to help Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in the construction industry to become more competitive, produce higher quality products and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, to better understand their manufacturing processes and use of materials. Professor Ianakiev did substantial research in developing computer modelling techniques to speed up the rotomoulding production process by introduction of internal cooling. During the years he has developed knowledge into the behaviour of thermoplastic materials that would lead to the creation of higher quality products like vinyl floor and flood barrier panels. (burgessceilings, selocfloodbarrier ). Professor Ianakiev is looking for new sustainable materials for construction industry developed from shredded paper, composite materials reinforced with glass fibres.
At present Professor Ianakiev is also developing research in Smart Heat Networks, where his interests are in the development of low temperature district heating system with distributed energy storage to reduce transmission heat loses and load variations, incorporate renewable sources and use smart metering systems to optimise the heating system and reduce the overall running cost.

External activity

  • Consultancy work with Matrix Polymers Ltd (June 2006, £2,650) led to a successful application for Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funding (March 2008).
  • KTP funded scheme with Burgess Architectural Products Ltd (July 2008, £99,897). The partnership aims to design and develop an advanced new flooring panel system.
  • Part of a team which includes Dr John Greenwood NTU, PAGeotechnical Ltd and Faber Maunsell Ltd to develop a low cost flood defence barrier. The team has received a £16K grant from East Midlands Innovation Fellowship Fund (HIRF) for developing a prototype of the barrier and has been nominated for the prestigious Lord Stafford Award 2008 for the East Midlands.
  • 2004 to present, Member, Association of Rotational Molders International (ARM).
  • 1999 to 2001, Principal co-investigator, EU sponsored CRAFT Project ST-3378 Intelligent Process Control for Rotational Moulding. NTU, together with the academic partner, Queen’s University Belfast, collaborated with 6 SMEs from the UK, France and Germany. The Rotational Moulding process involves complex transient heat transfer and fluid flow mechanisms. The work at NTU concentrated on finite element modelling of heat transfer and fluid flow inside the rotomoulding oven and mould. The results of the computer modelling at NTU were used to develop a new production technique based on internal cooling. This novel production technique reduced rotomoulding processing time by more than 40% proven in real working conditions at Rototek Ltd.
  • Based on the success of the CRAFT project, Anton was awarded funding for a project titled 'Modelling of the Rotational Moulding Process'. A key feature of this research was the development of a new 2D slip flow model for the rotational moulding process using coincident node technique, modelling plastic thermal characteristics like enthalpy in order to analyse the effect of phase change onto warpage and shrinkage of the plastic products. This study also involved dimensional analysis and the changing effects of the process parameters and conditions on the process times for different processing circumstances. The results of this research were published in three journal and eight conference papers and it was the basis for developing further industrial links.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Nottingham City Council
  • Enviroenergy
  • Nottingham City Homes
  • Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP)
  • SASIE Ltd (UK)
  • Rototek Ltd.
  • Burgess Architectural Products
  • Persico (Italy)
  • CARTIF (Spain)
  • Technical University of Sofia (BG)
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hannover (GER).


Full list of publications can be found by clicking on 'go to publications' link above.

Selected publications:

RADLOV K., PANOV V., IANAKIEV A., 2012. Accident scenario and seismic stability of polar crane operating at a nuclear power plant, International Journal of Design Engineering (Forthcoming 2012) ISSN 1751-5882RADLOV K., PANOV V., IANAKIEV A., 2012. Accident scenario and seismic stability of polar crane operating at a nuclear power plant, International Journal of Design Engineering (Forthcoming 2012) ISSN 1751-5882

IANAKIEV, A. and DARKWA J., 2012. Fast algorithm for modelling fluid flow and heat transfer in rotomoulding, International Journal of Design Engineering (Forthcoming 2012) ISSN 1751-5882

IANAKIEV, A., 2012. Design and Analysis of Rotomoulded Panels for a Self Erecting Low Cost Flood Barrier. Journal of Architectural Engineering and Design Management (Forthcoming 2012) ISSN 1752-7589

IANAKIEV, A., 2008. Modelling of complex structures using superelements. International Journal of Design Engineering, Vol.1 (4), pp.396-411 (DOI: 10.1504/IJDE.2008.024789) ISSN 1751-5882

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Press expertise

  • Advanced design and manufacturing engineering
  • Applied energy and environmental engineering
  • Designed environment
  • Heat transfer
  • Modelling of plastics rotomoulding