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Anton Ianakiev

Anton Ianakiev


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)
Civil Engineering


Dr Ianakiev is a Professor in Sustainable Energy Systems at School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment. He teaches Engineering Maths and Individual Project modules to undergraduate and Advanced Construction Materials and Finite Element Method modules to Postgraduate Civil Engineering students.

At present, Professor Ianakiev is leading Nottingham Trent University participation in the REMOURBAN H2020 Smart Cities and Communities project (2015-2020). The project aims at the development and validation in three lighthouse cities (Nottingham, Valladolid, Eskisehir) of a sustainable urban regeneration model that leverages the convergence area of the energy, mobility and ICT sectors in order to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies to significantly increase energy efficiency, improve sustainability of urban transport and reduce gas emissions in urban areas.

He is the Principal Investigator in H2020 Marie Curie Actions zEPHYR project - Towards a more efficient exploitation of on-shore and urban wind energy resources. The project will look into developing more optimal means of arranging a cluster of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) in an urban environment (such as urban rooftops) and integrating them into the existing structures. Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) are seen as the optimal option for the urban environment due to their lower noise emissions and their adaptability for varying wind directions, which are typical in the built environment. VAWTs do not need to be controlled into the wind direction to be effective, which is a key advantage considering the unsteady dynamics of urban wind flow.


  • zEPHYR- Towards a more efficient exploitation of on-shore and urban wind energy resources, EU Marie Curie Actions (2019-2023) – (budget for NTU - £242,735 ) principal investigator
  • REMOURBAN H2020 Smart Cities and Communities project (2015-2020) - (budget for NTU - €1,003,500) - principal investigator
  • Research Link British Council Workshop (Feb. 2015) - (budget £32,000) – Coordinator
  • KTP (2009-2011) - KTP project with Burgess Architectural Products Ltd. (KTP 007080, 2009/11, budget £99,897) - Lead Academic and Knowledge Base Supervisor
  • SRA Burgess – (2011) Research Agreement with Burgess Architectural Products Ltd., February - April 2011 - £11,059, project leader.
  • FF Burgess – (2011) Future Factory collaborative project with Burgess Architectural Products Ltd., Oct. 2011 - £11,225, project leader
  • CRAFT project (1999-2001) -CRAFT ST-3378 ”Intelligent Process Control for Rotational Moulding” 1999-2001 (budget for NTU - £93,243) - principal investigator

Case Studies

Decarbonising heat in residential homes in Nottingham

Retrofit social housing report - better homes improve lives

Research areas

Dr Ianakiev research is focused, on using numerical simulation in heat transfer, energy efficient buildings, low temperature district heating. He is developing research in Smart Heat Networks, where his interests are in the development of low temperature district heating system with distributed energy storage to reduce transmission heat loses and load variations, incorporate renewable sources and use smart metering systems to optimise the heating system and reduce the overall running cost. Domestic heating (space and water) represents 41% of the total (non-transport) energy consumption in UK for 2017. With recent increase of environmental and energy efficiency concerns, maximising the efficiency of domestic heating sector and wider inclusion of sustainable energy sources (renewables) is considered as central to foster fossil-free future of the sector. In the UK, domestic heating is mostly supplied by individual gas-boilers in buildings and the share of district heating is currently less than 2%. Building new district heating networks and development novel highly efficient local networks both with lower operating temperature is considered by UK government as cornerstone development in securing a fossil free future. The reduction of the operating temperature in the heating networks, provides opportunity for wider inclusion of renewables in the heating system and increase of the overall share of low carbon sources in the energy pack and reduce of the carbon emissions.

Professor Ianakiev's research area is also the application of Finite Element Modelling in analysis of structures and heat transfer and the use of sustainable materials in structures and products. He is looking for new sustainable materials for construction industry developed from shredded paper, composite materials reinforced with glass fibres.

Anton has more than 60 publications in journals and conferences and he has 14 grants with industrial partners.

External activity

  • Coordinating the Technical committee for the organisation of 17th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling (DHC) at NTU, Nottingham, UK, Sept. 2020
  • Member of the Technical committee of 16th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling (DHC) in Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 2018
  • IEA-DHC Expert for UK in IEA-DHC Annex XII project: Stepwise transition strategy and impact assessment for future district heating system
  • Participation in two International Energy Agency for District Heating and Cooling (IEA DHC) Task Sharing (TS) projects.1.TS2 DHC Annex – Implementation of Low Temperature District Heating Systems (2018-2021)
    2.TS3 DHC Annex – Hybrid Energy Networks (2018-2021)
  • Member of the Technical committee of 3rd Smart Energy System and 4th Generation District Heating Conference, Copenhagen, 12-13 September,2017
  • Member of Scientific Committee of the 2nd Smart Energy System and 4th Generation District Heating Conference, Aalborg, 26-28 September,2016.
  • Coordinator for the British Council sponsored Newton Funding in Low Carbon Buildings and Communities in Sustainable Built Environment research link workshop held at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, February 2015.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Nottingham City Council
  • Enviroenergy
  • Nottingham City Homes
  • Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP)
  • CARTIF (Spain)
  • Veolia (Spain)
  • Acciona (Spain)
  • Iberdrola (Spain)
  • Denmark Technical University (Denmark)
  • DANFOS (Denmark)
  • Austrian Institute of Technology
  • CEA Tech –INES (France)
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hannover (GER).


Full list of publications can be found by clicking on 'go to publications' link above.

Selected journal publications (after 2014):

  • IANAKIEV, A., GALADANCI, A.S., KROMANIS, R. and ROBINSON, J., 2019. Energy Investigation Framework: understanding buildings from an energy perspective view. Journal of Building Engineering. ISSN 2352-7102
  • ASHFAQ, A. and IANAKIEV, A., 2018. Features of fully integrated renewable energy atlas for Pakistan; wind, solar and cooling. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 97, pp. 14-27. ISSN 1364-0321
  • AL-AMEEN, Y., IANAKIEV, A. and EVANS, R., 2018. Recycling construction and industrial landfill waste material for backfill in horizontal ground heat exchanger systems. Energy, 151, pp. 556-568. ISSN 0360-5442
  • ASHFAQ, A. and IANAKIEV, A., 2018. Cost-minimised design of a highly renewable heating network for fossil-free future. Energy, 152, pp. 613-626. ISSN 0360-5442
  • ASHFAQ, A. and IANAKIEV, A., 2018. Investigation of hydraulic imbalance for converting existing boiler based buildings to low temperature district heating. Energy, 160, pp. 200-212. ISSN 0360-5442
  • COULTER, F.B., COULTER, B.S., MARKS, J.R. and IANAKIEV, A., 2018. Production techniques for 3D printed inflatable elastomer structures: Part I — Fabricating air-permeable forms and coating with inflatable silicone membranes via spray deposition. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, 5 (1), pp. 5-16. ISSN 2329-7662
  • COULTER, F.B., COULTER, B.S., MARKS, J.R. and IANAKIEV, A., 2018.Production techniques for 3D printed inflatable elastomer structures. Part II - Four-Axis Direct Ink Writing on irregular double curved and inflatable surfaces, Journal of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 5 (1)
  • IANAKIEV, A., CUI, J.M., GARBETT, S. and FILER, A., 2017. Innovative system for delivery of low temperature district heating. International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, 12, pp. 19-28. ISSN 2246-2929.
  • AL-AMEEN, Y., IANAKIEV, A. and EVANS, R., Thermal performance of a solar assisted horizontal ground heat exchanger. Journal of Energy, 140 pp.1216-1227, ISSN 0360-5442, 2017
  • D. Gent, A. Ianakiev, Assessing Riveted structures to Eurocode 3, ICE Engineering History and Heritage, vol. 170, issue EH2, 2017
    V. Di Maria, L. D’Andria, G. Muciaccia, A. Ianakiev, Influence of elevated temperature on glued-in steel rods for timber elements, Construction and Building Materials Journal, Vol.147, 2017, pp 457-465.
  • CUI, J.M., IANAKIEV, A. and GARCÍA-FUENTES, M., 2017. To examine appropriate deep-retrofit practice using simulation results in an EU-funded urban regeneration project. Energy Procedia, 105, pp. 2549-2556. ISSN 1876-6102
  • TUNZI, M., BOUKHANOUF, R., LI, H., SVENDSEN, S. and IANAKIEV, A., 2017. Improving thermal performance of an existing UK district heat network: a case for temperature optimization. Energy and Buildings. ISSN 0378-7788
  • COULTER, F.B. and IANAKIEV, A., 2015. 4D printing inflatable silicone structures. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, 2 (3), pp. 140-144. ISSN 2329-7662

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Press expertise

  • Finite Element Modelling (FEA)
  • Applied energy and environmental engineering
  • Designed environment
  • Heat transfer and CFD
  • FEA Modelling of plastics