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Chris Hevvel

Chris Heuvel

Senior Lecturer

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)


Within NTU, Chris is Professional Studies Advisor for the School of Architecture, leading the Professional Certificate in Architecture programme through which graduates are able to have their Professional Experience and Development Records endorsed in preparation for their RIBA professional qualification exams (‘RIBA Part 3’).  Chris leads the ‘Professional Practice’ and ‘Design Studio’ modules on NTU’s BArch (Hons) programme, and is year-tutor for the first-year students on this course. On the MArch Architecture programme, Chris leads the 'Management, Practice and Law' module. In his architectural teaching, Chris advocates ‘speculative realism’ – a blend of design technology (integrating detailing within overall vision) and pataphysical collage (embedding questionable meaning within design conceptualisation).

Chris is also a member of the Bonington Gallery Curatorial Committee.

Career overview

2014-present: Director, 2hD Architectural Workshop (Nottingham, Norwich and Norway)
2005-2010: Senior Associate with LSI Architects LLP, Norwich
1999-2004: Principal Architect – Carter Design Group, Kings Lynn
1980-1999: Principal in private practice as architect/planning consultant, Norwich
1998-2004: Elected representative on RIBA Council (where active as a member of Practice Committee)

Research areas

Chris is currently engaged in a Professional Doctorate (hopefully leading to a DArch award) – exploring how architects’ engagement with local communities in design decisions can be compatible with practice-based business objectives.  The epistemology behind this research is based upon Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory (as Chris is particularly interested in Object-Oriented Ontology).

External activity

Chris serves as Honorary Secretary to the Nottingham and Derby Society of Architects, and is a member of the RIBA East Midlands Education Committee. Chris is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (with a particular interest in the current work of the Commission on Inclusive Growth).  Locally, Chris is active as a member of dOSH – an association recently founded to secure the future of Old School Hall in Sneinton, a suburb of Nottingham with which he has become deeply involved for both teaching and research purposes (aiming also to share NTU-based expertise, skills and enthusiasm with the people who live in the area).

Sponsors and collaborators

Chris’ Professional Doctorate is sponsored by NTU and is being undertaken in collaboration with 2hD Ltd – the architectural practice of which Chris is a Director.

Chris also serves as a Professional Examiner for the Architectural Association and for the University of Huddersfield, and as an examiner for the Prescribed Examinations of the Architects Registration Board.



‘Formation through Misinformation’ - M Shed, Bristol (paper delivered at 10th international conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association: 'Transgression')

‘Studio as Cabaret: from Genius Loci to Locus Genii’ - Nottingham Conference Centre (paper delivered at the inaugural conference of the Association of Architectural Educators: '(UN) Common Currency')


‘A Postman’s Palace – Madness or Civilisation?’- Nottingham Trent University (paper delivered at 'Failed Architecture' symposium)


‘Greening the Design Practice’ - Nottingham Trent University (paper delivered at the College of Art, Design and the Built Environment annual research conference)


'The Pataphysics of the Capital' - Gallery 18/21, Norwich (performance in character as Prof Ubu Yurodivy, Institute of Experimental Hermeneutics, as part of the Rebus Cabaret troupe: celebrating the work of De Chirico)


'Re construction: the Pataphysical Merzbau' - The Garage theatre, Norwich (performance in character as Prof Ubu Yurodivy, Institute of Experimental Hermeneutics, as part of the Rebus Cabaret troupe: celebrating the work of Kurt Schwitters)


'The Pataphysics of Number' - Playhouse Theatre, Norwich (performance in character as Prof Ubu Yurodivy, Institute of Experimental Hermeneutics, as part of the Rebus Cabaret troupe: celebrating the work of Lewis Carroll)

Presentation: 'The Architecture of Fantasy (lessons from Facteur Cheval's 'Palais Ideal' at Hauterives, France)' - Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich (opening seminar for Norfolk Association of Architects Wednesday Architectural Forum series 2008)


Presentation: 'Aesthetics & Urbanism – the Imminent Return of the Gothic (some pointers from modern Japanese architecture)' - Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich (opening seminar for Norfolk Association Architects Wednesday Architectural Forum series 2007)


'A Pataphysical Cosmology' - The Council Chamber, Norwich City Hall (performance in character as Prof Ubu Yurodivy, Institute of Experimental Hermeneutics, as part of the BA Science Festival 2006 - repeated from opening event at the third Norwich Fringe Festival 2005, in former Bally Shoes factory)


'It’s Norwich, Jim, but we used to call it Amsterdam (possible influences of the Amsterdam School on pre-war architecture in Norwich)' - Playhouse Theatre, Norwich (illustrated public lecture given to the Norfolk Contemporary Art Society)


'The Built Environment and the Community' – 2nd  & 3rd Editions, in Millward et al, GNVQ Construction and the Built Environment (Advanced), comprehensively revised opening chapter of the Longmans textbook.


'A Case with Ten Handles' - action-research project undertaken in conjunction with the Centre for Advanced Research in Management Education and Training and sponsored by the Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (SCOPME) on implementing the principles governing the harmonisation of training and service in the NHS.

‘Value-added 'Criteria' – Competencies with Attitude’  - Perry Barr, Birmingham (paper delivered at University of Central England conference: ' Developments in Education and Training for Professionals in the Built Environment: Quality through Inter-Professionalism & Collaboration')


Educating for Urbanity' - School of Architecture, Weimar University, Germany (paper delivered at European Association of Architectural Education 20th Anniversary Forum: 'Architectural Education and Urban Reality')

'Inciting Insights' - essay submitted for the EAAE prize 1995


'Answers from Within'  -  Faculty of Architecture, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy (paper delivered at 27th Conference of European Association for Architectural Education: ‘Five Questions about the First Approach to Architectural Design’)

Press expertise

As a qualified architect with over 35 years of practice experience, and with additional qualifications in Town Planning, Management and Education, Chris specialises in project and practice management.  As a teacher, Chris promotes 'design technology' - the integration of bespoke detailing with overall architectural vision.  In addition to his current research work related to what used to be called ‘community architecture’ (in which local people and users are drawn into design decision-taking processes), Chris is particularly interested in aesthetic theory and in the processes associated with creative design teaching.  Chris is skilled and experienced in the development and production of elegant practice management systems for integrated compliance with BS EN 9001 (quality assurance) and BS EN 14001 (environmental management).