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Christine Pasquire

Christine Pasquire


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)
Construction Management


Christine has a leading role in the enhancement of research within the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University with the brief to lift research performance to internationally excellent and to attract, and successfully support, research funding and students. Christine leads the Lean Project Management Research Group and the design and delivery of associated courses and workshops. Christine is a module leader on the Online MSc Construction Project Management course.

Career overview

Supervision to MPhil or PhD for research students interested in any aspect of Lean thinking within complex project environments aligning with the areas listed in the research interest section above.

Research founded on action research methodologies and grounded in industry practices is a particular strength and studies focused on developing theory are encouraged.

Research areas

Lean Project Management Research Group
Management of Construction Projects Research Group

  • Lean thinking
  • Lean project management
  • Lean construction
  • Lean commercial management
  • Off-site manufacturing
  • On-site manufacturing
  • Value management/engineering
  • Risk and variability
  • People

Christine's principal research expertise lies in the application of Lean thinking in complex project environments such as construction and engineering.

Closely allied to this is the continual improvement of the business enterprise and the engagement of people in the delivery of value. As an end to end approach, Lean requires the consideration of both the high level strategy and the low level detail of work and Christine ensures all research activity continues to be grounded in both how work is actually done and that what is done is valuable. Her training of Lean Project Managers is centred on facilitating the work of the project, the company and the enterprise whatever the sector.

As a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Christine is leading research in Lean Commercial Management issues seeking better understanding and management of cost and the development of mechanisms to facilitate collaborative efforts to reduce cost and control risk.

One aspect of Christine's Lean construction research is the use of Off-Site and On-Site Manufacturing in the movement of the construction sector towards a modern process of assembly. Linked to this are the use of logistics to aid workflow and the encouragement of innovation to deliver improved solutions.

Bespoke training and research consultancy in Lean philosophies, tools and techniques ranging from half-day workshops to business transformations. For more information visit Lean Learning Lab, or Construct Lean.


  • 2010 -11 IMCRC/EPSRC £85K "Investigation of Cost Perceptions" with Prof Stephen Emmitt Loughborough University
  • 2009 -11 TSB/KTP £144K "Sandwood Lean Construction Implementation" with Prof Stephen Emmitt, Loughborough University
  • 2009 - 11 IMCRC/EPSRC £700K "Adaptable Futures" with Prof Alistair Gibb Loughborough University
  • 2009 - 10 IMCRC/EPSRC £84K "Lean Commercial Management " PI
  • 2009 - 10 IMCRC/EPSRC "Lean Construction Data Laatory" PI
  • 2009 - 10 IMCRC/EPSRC £38K "IMMPREST Technology Transfer" PI
  • 2008 - 9 Build-off Site £15K "IMMPREST Business Case Studies" PI
  • 2007 - 8 Scape/EMCBE Knowledge Transfer Collaboration £91K Co!
  • 2005 - 6 IMCRC/EPSRC £156K "ArchiForm" PI
  • 2003 - 4 IMCRC/EPSRC £76K "Global Safety" CoI
  • 1999 - 3 EPSRC/IMCRC £149K "IMMPRES" PI
  • 1999 - 3 DETR MCNS Link £100K "IMMPREST" PI
  • 1999 EPSRC £45K "COMPREST, pilot study" PI
  • 1996 – 9 SERC £168K "Early Costing M&E Services" PI
  • 1996 RICS £3K "Cost Management of Environmental Issues" PI
  • 1996 Haden Young Ltd £25K "Life Cycle Costing in Building Services" Prof Iain McCloud Strathclyde University
  • 1994 Twin Wall Pipe Association £15K "Comparative Cost of Drainage Systems"

Current PhD Student

  • Saad Sarhan (Director of Studies) PhD student

External activity

  • 2010 Winner, KTP category, Loughborough University Enterprise Awards
  • 2010 Dean, Postgraduate Summer School, IGLC Haifa, Israel
  • 2007 Technical Editor, IGLC Conference and Proceedings, Michigan USA
  • 1999 – 02 Editor, Research Review Series; RICS
  • 2006 – date Session Chair; IGLC Annual Conference
  • 2005 – date Research Theme Champion, Contract and Cost, IGLC
  • 2009 – date Invited expert Lean construction Costain plc
  • 2009 – date Invited expert Lean construction Highways Agency
  • 2010 Invited expert Lean construction Astra Zeneca
  • 2011 Funded invited speaker, Lean leadership SABIC, Netherlands
  • 2009 Funded invited speaker, Lean in Public Sector, KIT, Germany
  • 2004 – date Invited CPD speaker, CIOB, RICS, ICE
  • Invited speaker, Ringway Ltd, 2008; Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Ltd, 2007 & 2008; Haden Young Ltd, 2006

Current Appointments

  • Chair, Lean Construction Task Force, ECI
  • Convenor, Academic Forum, LCI UK
  • Director; LCI UK
  • Editorial Board, IGLCEditorial Board, Lean Construction JournalEditorial Panel, International Journal of Financial Management for Property and Construction
  • Founder member ECLCMember of CIB W092 Procurement Systems and W055 Building Economics

Journal Reviewer

  • Lean Construction Journal
  • Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
  • Construction Management and Economics
  • Financial Management for Property and Construction
  • Innovation, Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Facilities
  • European Journal of Operational Research
  • Construction Procurement
  • Construction Innovation
  • ICE Proceedings

Previous Appointments

  • 2004 and 2006 External Examiner, PhD, Reading University
  • 2010 External Examiner, PhD Salford University
  • 2010 External Examiner; MSt, Cambridge University
  • 2007 - 9 Constructing Excellence SCI Work Group
  • 2000 – 2 RICS Partnership and Accreditation Board
  • 1997 – 02 Editor, Newsletter, CIBSE Project Management Group
  • 1997 – 2000 RICS M&E Panel
  • 1996 – 02 CIBSE, Project Management Group
  • 1995 – 2000 Panel Chair APC RICS
  • 1993 - 01 Leics & Northants Branch Committee, RICS
  • 1992 – 9 RICS Branch Committee, QS Division

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Research funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Innovative Manufacturing and Construction Research Centre; Technology Strategy Board – Knowledge Transfer; Woodside Energy; EMCBE; Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; European Construction Institute; Lean Construction Institute UK.
  • Recent Collaborators: Sandwood Design & Build; Crown House Technologies; Shepherd Construction; Costain; Anglian Water; Highways Agency; Turner & Townsend; Wates; Carillion; Amey; EMDA; ECITB; BAA; John Lewis; Astra Zeneca; Loughborough University; University of California, Berkeley USA; University of Salford; Manchester University Business School; Northumbrian University; University of Western Australia
  • Clients: PepsiCo; Highways Agency; Mott Macdonald; BuildOff-Site, Haden Young, Crown House Technologies, Ringway Ltd, EMCBEAMEC.


Full list of publications can be found by clicking on 'go to publications' link above.
Selected publications:

PASQUIRE, C.L. and SALVATIERRA-GARRIDO, J., 2011. Introducing The Concept Of First And Last Value To Aid Lean Design: Learning From Social Housing Projects In Chile. Architectural Engineering And Design Management, Vol. 7 (2), pp.128 - 138 (DOI: 10.1080/17452007.2011.582335) ISSN 1752-7589

Zimina, D., Ballard, G. & Pasquire,C.L. (2012): Target value design: using collaboration and a lean approach to reduce construction cost, Construction Management and Economics, 30:5, 383-398

COURT, P.F., PASQUIRE, C.L. and GIBB, A.G.F., 2009. A lean and agile construction system as a set of countermeasures to improve health, safety and productivity in mechanical and electrical construction. Lean Construction Journal, Issue 2009, pp. 61-76, ISSN 1555-1369

Emmitt. S., Pasquire, C.L. & Mertia, B. (2012) "Is good enough "making do"?: An investigation of inappropriate processing in a small design and build company", Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management, Vol. 12 Iss: 3, pp.369 – 383

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Press expertise

  • Construction management
  • Lean construction