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Hynda Aoun Klalib

Senior Lecturer

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Dr Hynda Klalib-Aoun's key roles include :

  • Teaching Structural Design and Engineering Materials at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels
  • Supervision of Research Projects of PhD and MSc Civil Engineering students
  • Curriculum Development

Career overview

Dr Klalib-Aoun is a qualified Engineer with a long career in Academia. She teaches Structural Engineering and Construction Materials. Some of her previous appointments include lectureships and research positions at University of Artois, University of Cergy-Pontoise and Cesi Ecole d'Ingénieurs in France.

Research areas

Main interests:

  • New structural, construction and sustainable materials (Rheology and Practices)
  • Durability, degradation, maintenance and repair of structures
  • Structural response of reinforced concrete and steel structures

Further interests:

  • Designing, constructing or operating using BIM
  • Construction management: Quality (ISO 9001) & Environment (ISO 14001)

Hynda is ready to supervise postgraduate research projects at master's and PhD levels in all the topic areas listed above.

External activity

  • Development of research partnerships
  • Research project set-ups
  • Active on The Institution of Structural Engineers (InstructE)

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Nottinghamshire County Council: the research is in the interest of promoting of a much greater use of secondary and recycled aggregates.


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